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Amana Furnace Reviews & Pricing Uncovered

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amana furnace reviews

Amana Furnace Reviews & Pricing Uncovered

Known for its durability and reliability, Amana is one of the most popular HVAC system manufacturers out there. If you have been considering investing in a new furnace, and have one of Amana’s models in your shortlist, here’s a bit more help for you.

In this little guide, we’ve covered everything you need to know about Amana gas furnaces, their energy efficiency, their different models, their unique features, their warranty coverage, and lots more.

Scroll down and read on to know more.

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Table of Contents

Amana Gas Furnaces: An Overview

Amana gas furnaces are a great choice for homebuyers seeking an efficient system that is backed up with a good warranty. They have been in the industry for over 80 years now, and offer some of the most energy efficient, top notch heating and cooling products for homes.

Their gas furnaces, in particular, are known to have impressive annual fuel utilization efficiency, and come with ENERGY STAR certification, which makes them a great choice for those looking to cut down energy costs.

In addition, Amana has a range of different furnaces ranging from the budget models to the more premium ones. Let’s take a closer look at each of them.

Top Amana Gas Furnace Models

Amana offers three categories of gas furnaces to choose from. The entry level models which have single stage operation, the mid-tier variant that has both single and two stage models, and the top tier two stage gas furnaces.

To help you pick your choice easily, we’ve listed down some of the best models right here.


The AM9C96 can be a great choice for those looking for a new furnace that is efficient and yet, priced affordably. this two stage gas furnace is comparable to the Amana’s mid range models.

Packed with some amazing features, this new gas furnace will lower your monthly heating costs and also qualify for rebates.

It comes with a self diagnostic control board, a multi speed ECM motor, a secondary heat exchanger, and powerful noise-reducing features which make it a high efficiency furnace that you definitely must check out.

Amana ACVC96

Offering optimum energy efficiency, this Amana gas furnace flaunts an AFUE rating of 96% this means you get as much warmth as you pay.

This is a robust product that is ENERGY STAR certified, and offers all the same features as the other top-tier models including its compatibility with the Amana ComfortNet technology, the secondary heat exchanger, the quiet blower and its integration with self diagnostic control boards.

This is one of Amana’s offerings that balances budget and efficiency perfectly.


Amana’s AM9S96-U is a single stage furnace that focuses on ultra low NOx emissions thanks to its special premix burner.

This mid range furnace is perfect for consumers concerned about the environment and are looking to make a greener choice in their furnace selection.

You’ll find almost all of Amana’s standard features packed into this model- the self diagnostic control board, the high efficiency AFUE, a secondary heat exchanger and silicon-nitride ignition.


Amana’s AMVC96 is an excellent mid-range option that is loaded with features that you’d expect to find in only the premium models offered by the brand- including the CoolCloud and ComfortBridge technologies.

Thanks to its two stage gas valve and the secondary heat exchanger, the gas furnace is able to achieve 96% AFUE.

It also offers consistent airflow, quiet operation, and provides self-diagnostic systems to make maintenance and repairs faster.

This Amana furnace excellent option for people who are seeking an efficient and high-quality unit at a decent price tag.

Amana AMVM97

The ENERGY STAR certified AMVM97 is Amana’s variable speed gas furnace that has the highest AFUE efficiency score of 98% .

It features self-calibrating modulating gas valves that help ensure precise control of the unit along with quiet operation and energy efficient performance.

This gas furnace model also comes with self-diagnostics and secondary heat exchangers that reduce heat loss and ensure better performance of the unit.


The AC9S96 can be the most economical mid-range furnace offered by Amana.

While the unit does have an impressive AFUE of 96%, it does lack the ENERGY STAR certification, and has only a single stage burner.

This model may help you make savings on your energy bills, but obviously, not as efficiently as other modulating gas furnaces.

Amana ACVM97

Amana’s premium furnaces, including the ACVM97, offers excellent performance with AFUE ratings of 97%. In addition, it also comes integrated with ComfortBridge technology and the CoolCloud app.

This model in particular, has a stainless steel heat exchanger in addition to the secondary heat exchanger and self diagnostics feature, all of which make it a premium model worth investing in.

While it is much cheaper than the AMVM97, it still manages to save you a great deal of energy on your heating expenses thanks to its impressive efficiency rating.

Amana Furnace Top Features

Amana products are known for their durability and performance. But that’s not just it- they also come packed with some great features that make them worth the investment.

Let’s take a closer look at some of them.

ComfortBridge Technology

The ComfortBridge technology is built into some of Amana’s systems and focuses on optimizing the performance of the gas furnace.

This system uses a smart home algorithm to gather data and make adjustments to the system to improve its energy efficiency and ease of function.

Think of this technology as a way to control your home’s temperature in the colder months of the year without having to constantly make adjustments to the system, and enjoy some energy savings while you’re at it.

This feature is not exclusive to Amana gas furnace models- you’ll find it in some of Goodman furnaces too.

ComfortNet Control Smart Thermostat

ComfortNet is a built-in technology you’ll find in Amana products, that enables different components of your HVAC equipment to communicate with each other.

It is basically a smart thermostat that is intuitive and customized to your needs. When hooked into an Amana furnace, it can be programmed to take steps to lower energy consumption.

This system also packs in some great features including humidity control, fan speed control, diagnostics, service reminders, frost condensation protection and more.

CoolCloud HVAC app

Amana’s CoolCloud app is a unique offering that allows HVAC contractors wirelessly connect to your furnace system, diagnose any problems and make installation and maintenance a breeze.

This can not just help reduce labor costs, but also cut down the time and effort needed to perform system repairs and troubleshoot the gas furnace.

Many Goodman furnaces also pack in this functionality.

Amana Gas Furnace Pricing Revealed

Amana air conditioners and gas furnaces are priced differently based on the category they belong to. You’ll also need to consider the installation costs of the unit to arrive at a final price estimate.

Just like most furnace brands, Amana offers basic models, midrange models and higher-quality models. Entry models usually have most basic features, which is why, their installation costs can be less as compared to those of the premium Amana models.

For the entry level furnaces, you can expect to shell out up to $4,500 in total costs. The mid range gas furnaces can cost up to $5,500 to install, while the costs for the premium tier models can go up to $6,500.

Other Fees

As with most HVAC systems, there is a separate cost to install equipment and install.

This can include many factors including the cost of operation, weather conditions, construction and aging of your property and your existing duct work.

Amana Gas Furnace Warranty Details

All of Amana gas furnace models have excellent warranty coverage- even the ones that belong to the lower tier.

It comes with a lifetime limited warranty for its heat exchanger- even on its cheapest models, which is great. Plus, most of its models come with a 10 year parts warranty as well.

Amana warranties are exceptionally great for their high end models, which boast of a lifetime unit replacement warranty.

It is important to note that to avail full warranty, you’ll need to register the product within 60 days of it being installed, preferably with the help of a reliable HVAC contractor.

How Long Does an Amana Furnace Last?

Most HVAC units are generally about 10-15 years old. These include Amana furnaces and other brands. Of course, the life of any of these furnaces can be significantly improved by proper maintenance.

Does Amana Offer a Money-Back Guarantee?

Some Amana dealers offer free returns on equipment & labor if you haven’t been completely pleased with the performance of the product in the first year.

Amana Furnaces: To Buy or Not to Buy

Amana gas furnaces stand out among the other furnace brands for many reasons. But let’s make this a complete Amana furnace review by listing down all the pros and cons of investing in one of these units.

The Good

Amana has a long history of reliability and offers durable HVAC system units including heat pumps, air handlers, furnaces, and air conditioning units.

Its furnaces have boast of having AFUE of 96-98%, despite having single stage and two stage models. Amana furnaces are energy efficient and quiet thanks to the heavy gauge steel cabinet on some of its models.

Some of its models also come with a multi speed blower to improve the overall function and efficiency of the device. Packing in more features than other furnaces, Amana’s furnaces can work wonderfully in colder climates too.

Some of its premium tier models come with variable speed motors, smart thermostats and special noise reduction features. Despite packing in all these features, Amana gas furnaces are known to have a reasonable price tag.

The Not So Good

While Amana does pack in the ComfortBridge and CoolCloud App technology in some of its mid and premium tier furnace units, it doesn’t stand out as a leader when it comes to innovation.

These might be great selling features, but Amana isn’t the only brand that offers them.

To Buy or Not to Buy

Amana gas furnaces are a great pick for you if you need an efficient heating system which offers great design features and specifications.

You’ll find a wide range of variable speed furnaces at reasonable prices- all of them backed by the exceptional Amana warranty.

You might not find many new products or technologies but still enjoy high quality, reliability and durability in your furnace.

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