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York Furnace Reviewed: The Only Buying Guide You’ll Need

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york furnace reviews

York Furnace Reviewed: The Only Buying Guide You’ll Need

Uncovering the brand’s top models and digging deeper into everything each model offers, here’s the ultimate guide to buying York furnaces. Buying a new furnace can be a bit of an investment, and if you’ve been intrigued by everything York has to offer, here’s helping you decide if it is actually worth it or not.

If you are considering investing in a new furnace or cooling system, it is always a great idea to do your homework before you make the purchase. This can prove to be very effective in saving money and can help you make a better decision, especially since these systems are meant to last decades.

We’ve put together a quick buying guide for you with a gist of everything that you can expect to find in York gas furnace models.

York Furnaces: An Overview

York has been carries out its mission since 1440 to deliver superior products. York heat products offer high-quality and reliable energy efficiency and are manufactured to the highest standards.

They offer three different product lines, each with varied energy efficiency models. York is one of the most recognized names within the HVAC market producing heating and cooling systems and heating equipment- you might have come across York air conditioners and heat pumps often.

Another plus is the fact that they come at an affordable price tag, unlike many other gas furnaces in the market. That’s not all- York also offers good warranties such as a 10-year limited warranty on parts and a 1-year warranty on labor.

Who Makes York Furnaces?

York furnaces are manufactured by York International Corporation. They manufactures a range of commercial or residential furnaces, heat pumps, mini split systems, air handlers and air conditioners with high performance and efficiency and also provide central heating and cooling systems and other equipment.

Johnson Control Inc, a subsidiary of York, also manufactures mechanical products in addition to heating and cooling systems.

Are York Furnaces Good?

If you have been looking for York furnace reviews to get a quick idea about if they are worth your time and investment, well, here’s clearing things up for you. It turns out, yes! York gas furnaces are among the most energy efficient models available on the marketplace today boasting of having 98% AFUE. This easily translates to lower energy bills achieved year over year for homeowners.

Most York equipment have variable speeds blowers, allowing quiet operation, and also increase temperature levels gradually and provide precise comfort levels for your home. Some of their units also come with two modulating furnaces, which is hard to come by in most other furnace brands.

When it comes to offering warranties on their products, York stands on the top as opposed to other brands in the market- they come with a lifetime heat exchanger warranty.

Decoding York Furnace Pricing

The pricing for most York products differ according to type of unit, size and features, and this holds true for York’s models as well. Installation costs for each unit can vary according to location, duct system, home dimensions and installation difficulties.

As a baseline, you can expect to shell out between $3000 and $5000 as a total cost for a York furnace unit and its installation. Also remember that much like most other HVAC equipment, the cost of installation can depend on the tier of the furnace models.

For entry level models, you’ll need an investment of $3,000 – $4,000, whereas mid range models can cost you anywhere between $3,835 to $5,000. For top tier models, the pricing for installation and the unit can go up to $5,500, sometimes more.

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Digging Deep Into York Furnace Models

York is a name that clearly stands out, and you know that if you’ve done a bit of quick research about the best gas furnace models out there. Let’s take a closer look at all its models.

LX Series TM9E

The TM9E offers a low maintenance and high energy consumption furnace at a low cost that combines a variety of features. It is the perfect furnace upgrade for your budget to one that has a cost-effective energy savings option.

Although the new model is designed for use with one-stage gasoline valve and five-speed blow-out with high-efficiency, the TM8E offers excellent cost efficiency and energy efficiency ratings.

It includes an insulated cabinet to reduce noise levels, smaller cabinets geared towards small spaces, and a self-diagnostic control system to simplify installation.

Affinity Series YP9C

Boasting of the highest energy ratings in all the gas furnaces available commercially, York’s Affinity Series YP9C is a great choice for almost all households.

The model is ENERGY STAR qualified, flaunts a modulating burner, and also packs in optimal temperature stability. In addition, these units need minimal maintenance, which also makes them a cost effective choice.

The ClimaTrak technology hooked onto this model, teamed up with the variable speed blower ECM fan offers seamless movement, quiet operation, better temperature consistency, efficient power consumption and amazingly high humidity control.

LX Series TL9E

The TX Series TL9E single stage furnace is high-efficiency and is the first high performance York furnace that boasts incredibly low nitrogen oxide emissions.

Even though the gas furnace has a single stage burner, its ECM motor is extremely efficient to deliver consistent and even airflow for a long time to the furnace.

The TL9E also offers compact space-saving efficiency and insulation for quieter operation. The model also provides warmth and comfort when needed due to the ignition with a heated surface.

This is one of the York gas furnaces that can be a great choice for those who are looking for budget friendly options, or are considering more environmentally friendly furnaces.

LX Series TM9V

The ENERGY STAR efficiency of over 96% AFUE is what sets the LX Series TM9V apart from the rest of the York gas furnace models.

This impressive mid-range option packs in a variable speed ECM fan, a self diagnostic control module and the famous ClimaTrak technology for optimized climate control. Plus, it has a super compact design that is easy to install and maintain as well.

LX Series TM9Y

The patented dual stage burner with the latest advanced ECM motor guarantees reliable air flow and is an attractive alternative to the LX Series TM9V.

The gas furnace is certified ENERGY STAR 97 percent, and also comes with insulation in the cabinet for less sound. Its small size makes the furnace ideal for smaller homes or areas with limited space.

Latitude Series

York’s Latitude Series remains the most inexpensive gas furnaces to ever be released. Unlike the premium Affinity series, these don’t come with modulating furnaces, but are designed to offer standard heating and cooling while implementing variable speed.

They might be discontinued at the moment, but they did offer extremely reliable and efficient heating.

Key Features of York Furnace

Any furnace reviews guide is incomplete without a quick rundown of some of the top features offered by the brand. So here’s exactly that!

We’ve compiled a quick list of some of the key features of York furnaces.

Hx3 Communicating Zoning System

York’s furnaces are equipped with a communication system that has high level of comfort and efficiency which lets you heat different areas of the room independently while controlling the control from anywhere.

This Communicating Zoning system is an intelligent thermostat compatible with different zones. While this smart thermostat is capable of heating or cooling individual rooms, it also provides zones for other smart thermostat devices.

The Hx3 offers voice control and you can also use Alexa with a watch to use the features.

Energy Efficiency

Almost all furnaces in York come with ENERGY STAR certification. York products are also environmentally friendly and offers low operational costs. In addition, most of them also come with secondary heat exchangers that reduce heat loss and fuel waste.

ClimaTrak Technology

ClimaTrack is a unique integrated comfort system that allows you to adjust the operation of the furnace based on the needs of your locale.

It ensures that you maintain optimum temperatures, and in some ways also eliminates constant changing of the temperature or humidity in the house.

During the installation of your unit, the HVAC professional will set the blower motors on the settings depending on the climate of the home. The motor blower then operates at a level which is adapted to your temperature.

York Furnace Warranty Analysis

Depending on the model and the unit, York offers 10-year parts warranty, lifetime heat exchanger warranty and 1 year labor warranty, which is now unfortunately discontinued. This holds true for any heat pump, air conditioner or any other unit that they manufacture.

For an additional cost, consumers can also get to choose from other extended warranty options. It is also important to note that the warranty is factory supported and needs no specialized repairs needed from any third party local HVAC professional.

It is important to note that to be eligible for York’s warranty, you will need to register your furnace or HVAC system within 90 days of its installation.

Despite losing the 1 year labor warranty that it was so known for, most York gas furnace, heat pumps and mini split systems models come with excellent cover for their product, despite not being some of the most experience and premium furnaces out there.

In fact, some high end brands still don’t offer as many warranties on heating units as York offers.

York Installation Costs

The installation for a furnace unit or a new HVAC system depends on many factors. You can get an estimate by getting in touch with HVAC contractors near you.

York heating and cooling systems, heat pumps, air conditioners and furnaces all come with 100% money back guarantee for installations by a York-certified installer.

During product inspections the company may take out the installed equipment and refund your funds. It is best to visit the official York website for in depth detail about the money back guarantee.

How Long Should a York Furnace Last?

Just like you would expect with an air conditioner, typically, a properly maintained furnace can last 15-30 years, although periodic maintenance or regular repairs can prolong it.

York vs Popular Brands

Another key point to focus on when looking for furnace reviews for any brand is to see how it fares against it competitors in different aspects, and that’s exactly what we’ve done here.

York vs Rheem

York and Rheem are two budget friendly choices for homeowners looking for a dependable furnace. But when it comes down to York vs Rheem, York furnaces appears to be winning in more ways than one.

Why? Well, for starters, York specializes in providing superior warranties that include a limited warranty on all products and labor costs within its first year.

Almost all of York systems are ENERGY STAR certified as well, which makes them more energy efficient as opposed to some of Rheem’s models.

Many York models also include a lifetime compressor warranty, and although their systems may appear difficult to install, they can cause minimal problems in installation.

Most of York products also fare better than Rheem in energy efficiency and noise.

York vs Coleman

Coleman is another name that pops up when browsing through dependable HVAC brands.

Reviews have shown Coleman is generally more affordable than York, but it is important to note that your final cost will depend on many factors. Coleman’s units have standard efficiency, and not all of their models pack in a secondary heat exchanger, unlike York’s units.

York LX series and York Latitude series in particular, also come with a single stage modulating burner to strike the right balance between consistent heating and energy consumption.

York Furnace Reviews: The Bottomline

With dependable air distribution, innovative technologies that are designed to be energy efficient and offering ultra low emissions in some models, York furnace products are an excellent choice for an average household.

Their annual fuel utilization efficiency deserves a special mention- not many units in the HVAC industry are able to achieve what they do. Energy costs are sure to be low when you have a York model installed in your space, thanks to the fact that almost all of their units being ENERGY STAR certified.

These high efficiency furnaces come paired with a reliable warranty to protect them, regardless of the kind of model you choose- single stage furnaces, two stage furnaces, and even modulating furnaces. All of this, teamed up with the attractive price point is what makes York some of the best HVAC manufacturers out there.

It’s time to stop scouring for furnace reviews and go make the choice now! Don’t forget to check out the official York website to get in-depth information about all the residential and commercial systems it has to offer.

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