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Lennox Furnace Reviews & Prices Revealed

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Lennox Furnace Reviews & Prices Revealed

Lennox is a brand name that stands out in the HVAC industry, specifically for its premium models, whether it comes to air conditioners and furnaces or heat pumps and other HVAC systems.

If you have been considering investing in a high efficiency heating system for your home, and are considering one of Lennox furnaces, you might want to dig a bit deeper into its different models, the price tag, the warranty and other details.

And that’s exactly what we’ve revealed here in this Lennox gas furnace reviews and pricing guide. This guide will assist you in picking the right gas furnace to suit your home’s heating needs.

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Table of Contents

Lennox Furnaces: An Overview

Lennox produces a total of ten gas furnaces spread across three categories, and is one of the top HVAC brands. Lennox is also thought to be the best among its competitors, and has a good reputation for its product lines.

The manufacturing business was founded by David Lennox, an American businessman. Today, it is known as Lennox International, and is known to push technological boundaries in all its offerings- right from heat pumps, air conditioners and other heating and cooling systems.

It also offers products for garages and commercial buildings and manufactures ductless ventilation systems and filtration systems. Besides its patented thermostat, its iComfort system connects to brand new technologies.

Lennox was, in fact, the inventor of riveted steel furnaces, and has a total of 15 gas furnace models to offer.

These furnaces are perfect for consumers seeking energy efficient devices, ideally those that come with the ENERGY STAR certification. In addition, the possibility of integrating Lennox heating systems with heat pumps maximizes energy savings.

Looking to finalize on a good Lennox model for your home’s heating and cooling needs? Here’s a bit of help with a quick list of some of Lennox’s top models.

Top Lennox Furnace Models

Lennox has three series in its furnace models- the Merit series that are single stage furnaces with up to 90% heating efficiency, the Elite series that have single and two stage furnaces, and the premium Dave Lennox Signature Collection that have modulating furnaces, which are thought to be the most energy efficient furnaces out there.

Lennox Elite EL296V

The Lennox Elite EL296V is an impressive two stage furnace unit that fares wonderfully in terms of energy efficiency and heat output intensities. In addition, its system also helps control humidity and temperature fluctuations in your home.

While it might not be as efficient as Lennox’s premium models, it still does a pretty decent job for the price tag it comes at.

Lennox Merit ML296V

The ML296V is one of Lennox’s entry level furnaces that still promises excellence and performance in its operation. This is thanks to the fact that the furnaces pack in a secondary heat exchanger in addition to the primary heat exchangers, and also come with a variable speed blower motor.

The dual stage operation ensures better humidity control and enhanced energy efficiency- all of which translates into more savings.

Plus, the model also offers even more features and is available as part of its iComfort series for a limited time. Its warranties, though, because the unit belongs to the Merit series, are not as great as you’d find in the better models belonging to the brand.

Dave Lennox Signature Collection SLP99V

Incredibly fuel efficient and awarded the ENERGY STAR Most Efficient 2021 certification, SLP99V, which belongs to the Dave Lennox Signature Collection, is the most energy efficient furnace in the industry.

It boasts of AFUE of a whopping 99%, and produces virtually zero waste energy. That’s not all- the system is surprisingly quiet and comes with a variable speed operator, a secondary heat exchanger and other outstanding design features that contribute to quiet and reliable operation.

The modulating furnace also offers you plenty of other added features when you pair it with the iComfort S30 thermostat. All in all, it is one of the best premium tier furnace models among not just those offered by Lennox, but also among other HVAC manufacturers.

Lennox Elite EL296E

The EL296E is one of Lennox Elite Series furnaces that boast of having annual fuel utilization efficiency of 96 percent. This two stage furnace also offers several airflow speeds and comes with a secondary heat exchanger and proprietary primary heat exchanger.

It also comes with high energy efficiency ratings and promises quieter performance and cheaper operating performance, as well as greater heat distribution as opposed to what you would find in a single stage furnace.

This model can be the perfect choice for anyone who’s looking to invest in a mid-tier device that might not pack in a ton of fancy features, but still does the job well.

Lennox Elite EL196E

EL196E is Lennox’s pricey mid-range furnace that is actually incredibly popular for more reasons than one. The gas furnace has a high AFUE of 96 percent and boasts the ENERGY STAR certification too.

It also comes with an additional heat exchanger, and is compatible with the iComfort E30 smart thermostat.

Despite its single stage operation, it still does a pretty decent job at heating when teamed up with the constant torque motor.

You can also link the device to technologies like Amazon Alexa or Apple HomeKit to enjoy features like voice control.

Lennox Elite EL195NE

The Elite Lennox EL195NE is an ultra low NOx furnace that emits less pollutants than standard Low NOx furnace models. Its secondary heat exchanger and other proprietary design elements focus on increasing efficiency and delivering performance.

The model also comes with a single stage burner and a constant torque motor packed into the deal.

Lennox Merit ML193E

If you have been on the hunt for an affordable furnace by Lennox, the Merit ML193E can be a great pick. As compared to most other Lennox furnaces, it is not only the most economical choice, but also still qualifies as a high efficiency furnace for all the features it packs in.

The furnace comes with many attractive design elements, such as the presence of a secondary heat exchanger, insulated blower compartments, dual fuel compatibility and constant torque motors that fare better than the single-speed ones.

The only possible downside to this rather efficient furnace model is the fact that it doesn’t come with ENERGY STAR certification, which means it will not reduce your energy bills as much as a more fuel efficient option.

Dave Lennox Signature Collection SL297NV

Lennox’s SL297NV furnace is another top tier choice that promises good efficiency, quiet performance and constant temperature throughout your home during the colder months of the year.

The furnace packs in secondary heat exchangers, has variable-speed blowers and has also received ENERGY STAR’s most efficient 2021 award for ultra low NOx furnace emissions. Its usage has been found to reduce nitrogen oxide emissions by up to 65%.

Aside from a standard Lennox design elements, the furnace also has an insulated blower compartment and iComfort S30 compatible features.

This is one of Lennox Signature Collection furnaces that is also a great choice for the planet, and can be a perfect heating solution for those looking for greener alternatives.

Top Features of Lennox Gas Furnace Models

Of all the HVAC system manufacturers out there, what is it that makes Lennox furnace units stand out? Let’s take a closer look at them all.

Power Saving

Thanks to the presence of the constant torque blowers, the furnace ends up using less energy to heat and cool your house, lowering the cost of utilities to operate and saving energy costs. This is what its Power Saver feature is all about.

These unique blowers are much better than any single stage and variable speed blower in the sense that they can reduce energy bills while lowering operational noise and offering comfortable heating.

iComfort Smart Thermostat

The iComfort Smart Thermostat is basically a thermostat that optimizes your cooling and heating system’s energy usage.

It is flexible and adaptable, and is actually an integrated smart temperature monitoring system introduced by Lennox that you’d find compatible with some of its premium models.

While a lot of other HVAC system manufacturers do make their own smart thermostats, what makes the iComfort stand out is the fact that it can be paired with technologies like IFTTT or Alexa to get you to voice control your device.

The geofencing mode is another plus. It automatically puts the furnace into energy saving mode when you’re away, in turn, helping reduce your utility bills.

Duralok Plus

Heat exchangers are essential components of the furnace, and Lennox’s Duralok Plus heat exchanger is crafted in the patented ArmorTuf steel, which promises to deliver efficiency and reliability.

Thanks to its unique design, the heat exchanger is thought to be more long lasting and efficient than other Clamshell heat exchangers.

Ultimate Comfort System

Crafted with the purpose of purifying your home’s internal environment and to make your indoor air quality better, the Ultimate Comfort System is a feature you’ll find in many furnaces- not just the Lennox models.

The system tracks the outdoor air quality, makes adjustments to the fan settings and combines the iComfort S30 thermostat and the PureAir S air purification technology to optimize your home’s comfort.

You’ll find this feature in most of Lennox Signature Collection furnaces as well as their other premium models.

Additional Heat Exchanger

Lennox packs in a secondary heat exchanger in nearly all its gas furnaces which promises comfortable and consistent temperatures in your home all throughout the year.

Other Features

In addition to these incredible add-on features, Lennox furnaces also come with some other offerings that make them stand out.

  • When compared to other HVAC companies, Lennox provides energy savings and innovative features for a lower price point.
  • Alexa can be controlled remotely in almost all of the models. This can also enable your HVAC contractor to remotely get access to the system in case of failure, and troubleshoot much quicker.
  • The company also offers efficient models that feature the latest technologies including smart thermostats.
  • Some of its models are dual fuel capable, and can be hooked up with air purifiers to improve indoor air quality.
  • Even the most lowest efficiency furnace models offered by Lennox pack have tightly sealed blower compartments to reduce air leakage, and pack in some good features that help improve heat output intensities.
  • Some of the models can be paired with an electric heat pump to offer more energy savings.
  • The presence of an insulated blower compartment on some of Lennox gas furnace models ensure quiet operation.
  • Lennox offers a range of low NOx furnaces that meet ENERGY STAR certifications- some of the models also being termed ENERGY STAR Most Efficient, which makes them great for the environment, and for your wallet.
  • The average annual fuel utilization efficiency for the lower tier furnaces including the Lennox merit series, range between 80-99%, which pretty impressive.
  • When installed by a reliable HVAC contractor and using Lennox furnace parts, the units can last for years.

Lennox Gas Furnace Prices

Just like with most other furnace manufacturers, it can be hard to pin down exact Lennox furnace prices, since there are several aspects of installation cost and duct work, local taxes, and other factors that can influence the final price.

Also, Lennox sometimes offers promotions on their products and some of these products are eligible for rebates too. You can get in touch with any Lennox dealers near you to get the best deals.

Lennox offers three different categories of furnaces. The Merit furnaces are entry level, and can cost you $3,500 to $4,800 including the cost of installation.

For the mid range and higher end models like the Elite series and the Dave Lennox Signature series, you can expect to shell out up to $6,100 and $7,500 respectively.

Lennox Installation Fees

Installation charge is also applicable to all new Lennox furnace units. It is recommended to have your Lennox equipment and furnace installed in conjunction with a reliable HVAC technician for proper performance.

You can also be charged additional for work on your ductwork as well as local taxable fees.

Lennox Optional Services

Certain HVAC contractors offer maintenance and repair services to the customers of the Lennox products they sell. Lennox advises an authorized HVAC contractor to clean or change filters regularly and clean coils and slats, as well as when it comes to getting a new furnace installed.

Additional charges may be applicable on Lennox furnace parts that need to be updated.

Care and Maintenance of the Gas Furnace

Lennox requires maintenance to be carried out regularly by HVAC professionals. A good way to maintain your heating system is to keep it clean.

You can also get in touch with professional HVAC technicians that will clean the furnace as well. They can perform these services and offer regular maintenance for your air conditioning and heating unit. Expect about $1000 to $1000 yearly for tune-ups depending on your furnace model.

Decoding Lennox Gas Furnace Warranty

Just like with its air conditioning system, Lennox offers a 10 years parts warranty. For its premium models, you can also get lifetime heat exchanger warranty, which, quite frankly, is the industry standard.

To avail of the warranty, you’ll need to make sure you register the product within 90 days of installation.

Lennox Furnace Reviews + Pricing Details

Still not sure if Lennox gas furnaces are the right choice for you? Here’s breaking it all down for you once again, to help you make a more informed decision.

The Highs

For nearly 100 years, Lennox has been relentlessly supplying high-performance HVAC equipment including air conditioners, heat pumps, and furnaces. Lennox air conditioners and furnaces are well known to meet ENERGY STAR qualifications.

Their premium models, primarily the Dave LENNO Signature Series, are regarded as industry leading in terms of efficiency – a few models being capable of operating at 99 percent AFUE and also awarded the ENERGY STAR Most Efficient.

Their furnaces have a renowned quality and are manufactured using high-grade materials that guarantee stability in the event of heavy usage.

Lennox is committed to creating furnaces of outstanding quiet efficiency and reliability. It has a good selection of high-quality furnaces with good designs that include single-stage, 2-stage and modulating furnaces with constant torque or variable speed blower motors.

Another added feature is the fact that even the lower end models in Lennox’s gas furnaces come with secondary heat exchangers, and meet ENERGY STAR certifications- something you can not expect other brands to offer.

The Lows

Despite being packed with features, Lennox does have some downsides to its furnace and some air conditioner units.

The entry level units come with limited warranty, and need some upgraded features that set it apart from other brands to justify the pricing.

The Bottomline

Unlike its competitors, Lennox offers top-end heating and cooling solutions that hit ENERGY STAR certifications. They provide reliable, well built range of options at a range of prices and cover much ground in the HVAC market with entry and premium models.

Lennox markets itself as a high-quality manufacturer of low NOx furnaces, heat pumps, air conditioners and other heating and cooling products and lives up to the expectations in terms of performance.

It is the best choice for consumers seeking energy-efficient devices.

All in all, Lennox furnaces are reliable, offer savings on your utility bills, and are a capable furnace choice you can’t go wrong with.

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