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Bryant Furnace Reviews + Pricing Uncovered

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bryant furnace reviews and prices

Bryant Furnace Reviews + Pricing Uncovered

Whether you have made up your mind about choosing a Bryant furnace to meet the heating needs of your home, or are just considering it along with other popular brands, this detailed guide is exactly what you need.

Scroll down to discover everything you need to know about Bryant furnaces, their different models, their warranty, and how the brand in general fairs against other furnaces out there.

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Why Choose Bryant Gas Furnaces?

With a proven track record of crafting top of the line system components, and with over 100 years of extensive experience in the business, Bryant HVAC systems are worth relying on.

Bryant, which was originally a range of products developed by Charles Bryant, is now part of Carrier Global Corporation and has introduced three different product lines- Evolution, Preferred, and Legacy.

Evolution is an innovative and high performance model featuring a wide array of new and upgraded technology. The Legacy Series, on the other hand, provides quality durability for affordable prices. The Preferred series is an effective way to bridge this gap- a good mid range choice.

That’s not all- most of its furnaces offer high heating efficiency, solid energy savings and come with a decent warranty to back them up.

Bryant Furnace Average Price Range

The installation costs for any Bryant unit can depend on a number of factors. This can include the type of installation the house is constructed on, the size of the residence and the difficulty of the installation. The furnace tier is another factor in determining prices.

A good idea to lower your costs is to check with a Bryant dealer near you that can offer you a special price. Another excellent way to lower your cost is obtain rebates through the government and HVAC manufacturers.

How Much Do Bryant Furnaces Cost?

Bryant does not reveal its pricing details to its consumers. These products are purchased through Bryant authorized dealers which increase the costs of labor taxation and its profit margins.

Bryant heating systems can cost anywhere between $3,500 and $6,000 including the installation cost. Pricing can vary according to models, and their locations as well as the local HVAC professional handling and installing the system.

In general, you can expect to pay around $3,500-$4,500 for an entry level furnace. For a mid range Bryant furnace, be ready to shell out up to $5,100, and for premium furnaces, you might have to pay above $6,000.

Bryant Gas Furnace Key Features

Bryant furnaces come packed with quite a lot of features that make them stand out. These features might not be available in all the models, but most of the mid tier and premium tier models are equipped with them.

Let’s take a closer look at each of these features.

Perfect Humidity

Perfect Humidity is a key feature introduced into most of Bryant’s gas furnace models. It uses varying fan speeds to ensure the right heating and cooling, and also helps control the humidity in the room.

To access this feature, however, you might need to pair it the furnace with a compatible heat pump or air conditioner.

Perfect Heat®

Providing a uniform indoor temperature is what Perfect Heat is all about. This unique feature helps your furnace detect and respond to temperature fluctuations in your home and take the necessary action to maintain comfortable indoor temperature.


With the TrueSense™ system, your furnace is sure to be running in top shape all the time. You’ll be notified when it is time to change the furnace filter, which in turn, will ensure that the air you’re breathing inside is safe and clean.

Plus, the filter can be easily accessed and changed through the filter cabinet.

Fan On Plus

This feature allows you to configure your fan system at four different speeds for a more comfortable airflow.

Preferred and Evolution furnaces are equipped with such technology, however you will need to link the furnace with your thermostat to be able to control its features using an adaptor.


QuietTech™, as the name suggests, is a feature that can help reduce operational noise and get your new Bryant furnace to function at its best.

The monoport burners work silently, and when paired with the insulated cabinets, you’ll have an efficient furnace minus the noise.


With SmartEvap™, you’ll be able to achieve perfect indoor humidity. The system works in conjunction with your air conditioner and pulls moisture out of the air, especially during the hot summer months.

This reduces indoor humidity and also reduces cooling costs, making the indoor temperature in your home more comfortable overall.


All of Bryant’s models come equipped with PerfectLight- the special hot surface igniter that cuts down the need of a special pilot light for the furnace to be operated.

This technology helps maintain your new gas furnace by reducing a lot of maintenance issues and also helps cut down fuel wastage.

Bryant Gas Furnace Model Comparison Guide

Bryant has a long line of some top notch entry level, mid range and premium furnaces to appeal to every customer out there. These furnaces come packed with different features, warranty coverage, and are naturally, priced differently too.

Let’s take a closer look at each of them and get to know a bit more to help you take your pick.

Legacy Line – 912S

The Bryant 912s is the most simple and economical model that offers single stage heat control. The unit has a PSC blower fan, and has 92.1% AFUE, which is decent.

This Bryant furnace provides dependable power to your home at an affordable price, and can be a great choice for someone looking for a budget friendly furnace that has standard Bryant furnace warranty.

The model does pack in Hybrid Heat technology that enables switching between gas or electric energy automatically choosing the cheapest choice.

The 912S also uses Perfect Light technology for improving reliability and decreasing fuel usage. The model offers quiet and reliable operation, besides there is an additional heat exchanger that reduces heat loss.

Legacy Line – 915S

915S by Legacy Line might not be as sophisticated and advanced as the premium and mid range models by Bryant, but is still a decent single stage furnace worth considering.

The price tag on the unit is budget-friendly, but despite that, it has achieved an impressive AFUE of 96.5 percent, so can definitely expect to save on energy bills.

In addition, these Bryant gas furnace models have a diagnostic capability that helps solve problems and will therefore help reduce maintenance and repair expenses in the future.

It is important to note that since this is one of the most basic single stage heating unit offered by the brand, you can’t expect to have brilliant warranty coverage for the unit.

Evolution® – 987M

The 987M model by Bryant is a modulating, variable-speed furnace that is ENERGY STAR certified. The system offers an AFUE of 98.3% which makes it extremely energy efficient.

Plus, it also comes with a hybrid dual fuel system that focuses on minimizing fuel expenses by choosing the least expensive option between gas and electricity.

In addition, this is one of those furnace models that offer additional energy-saving features including a secondary heat exchanger and a variable speed blower fan.

That’s not all- this premium furnace also packs in many other features that other Bryant furnaces don’t have- including humidity control, maintenance reminders, dirty filters notifications, and many more.

Preferred Series – 922S

The 922S is a single stage variable speed furnace with an AFUE of 92.1%. The sealed cabinets and monoport burner help reduce noise from the furnace while improving efficiency and reducing draft.

The unit also comes with Byrant’s famous SmartEvap technology that helps maintain healthy air humidity levels in your home and improve your comfort, while providing accurate control of your system.

What’s more, the presence of the secondary heat exchanger can improve the gas furnace’s efficiency ratings, reduce heat loss and the Hybrid Heat capabilities give flexibility to increase energy saving and reduces costs.

Preferred Series – 926T

Flaunting an AUFE rating of 96.5%, the 926T is a 2-stage furnace that packs in a variable speed motor, and is also ENERGY STAR certified.

This mid range Bryant furnace also focuses on quiet performance thanks to its insulated sealed cabinet that reduces the operating noise. This, coupled with the SmartEvap technology ensures optimum humidity levels in your home.

That’s not all- it also packs in a lot of other advanced features that improve efficiency ratings, keep indoor temperature consistent and also make routine maintenance performance easier.

Evolution® – 986T

The 986T is another great model if you’re looking for gas furnaces that deliver solid energy savings and also come with other added features. The model has an AFUE rating of 97.7% and is ENERGY STAR certified.

This two stage furnace also comes with humidity control and autodiagnostic technology that allows troubleshooting and makes maintenance much easier.

While it may come with fewer features than the 987M because of its two phase operation, it is still a great choice if you’re looking for a reliable furnace backed up by warranty.

In addition to these models, you’ll also find a range of OVM Bryant oil furnaces that are dependable and offer a reliable supply of heated air in your home for years.

Decoding Bryant Furnace Warranty

Most Bryant equipment come with a standard warranty that is at par with other HVAC companies out there. These include lifetime limited warranty on the heat exchanger and 10-year warranty on the parts.

Remember that to be eligible for the warranty, your system requires registration within 90 days. Select Evolution models also have the red shield warranty that replaces all components if they fail within 10 years.

Some mid range models also come with an optional labor warranty.

Does Bryant Offer a Money Back Guarantee?

Factory authorized Bryant dealers offer a one-year refund on all gas furnace purchases and labor unless otherwise stated. With a little bit of hunting, you can also look for a furnace dealer that can offer a plan on extending this for 2 years.

Bryant vs Competitors

Think you’re ready to take the plunge and invest in one of Bryant’s gas systems? Wait up! Furnace reviews are incomplete without a side by side comparison of some of the top competing brands, and that’s exactly what we’ve done here too.

Bryant vs Goodman

Goodman’s heating and cooling systems combine durability with high energy efficiency. In contrast, Bryant offers its consumers more options.

Despite their limited lineups, both brands have a plethora of 2 stage and single stage furnace units across different ranges to suit everyone.

While Bryant offers carrier quality, Goodman offers an excellent warranty. Goodman offers a 10-year limited warranty and unit replacement for parts and a 10-year parts limited warranty for the compressor and the heat exchanger.

Bryant vs Lennox

Both Lennox and Bryant are HVAC system manufacturers that produce quality units that need minimal repairs throughout their lifespan, particularly when properly maintained.

When it comes to choosing mid range furnaces, however, it is Bryant that stands out in more ways than one, because its units and corresponding system components are all top notch- those that you can expect to see in higher end models.

Bryant Furnace Review

Powered by natural gas, focusing on energy efficiency and packing in a ton of features, Bryant truly has what it takes to be your home’s furnace.

But before you take the plunge, here’s breaking it all down for you one final time and help you break down all the furnace reviews you’ve been scouring through.

The Good

Bryant has many furnaces units that come at an affordable price tag, which is great for consumers. Almost all of their current furnaces are ENERGY STAR certified, which means you can be confident you have a high performance unit that is also energy efficient.

Even some of its lower-end models are advanced with items such as secondary heat exchangers. All Bryant furnaces have an outstanding warranty and help protect your investment.

Pick any mid range Bryant furnace model, and you’ll find them packed with features, a variable speed motor and features that can be hard to come by in gas furnaces that are priced so affordably.

The Not So Good

Because Bryant is a relatively affordable brand, it is not one of those HVAC companies that carry high end products.

Another downside is that you’ll find a similar standard warranty maintained for almost every Bryant model, without extras like extended warranty or unit replacement guarantees for more expensive models.

To Buy or Not to Buy

When hunting for a good quality gas furnace, there are certain essentials boxes that you need to ensure are ticked- right from the ENERGY STAR certification or the presence of the furnace’s variable speed motor blower, or the unit’s Perfect Humidity technology, and Bryant gas furnace models do all that and more.

They make reasonably well designed furnaces that have many great features for better convenience. Bryant furnace systems are generally reliable units with good performance., which means means you have an effective system that operates smoothly.

All in all, if you are planning to invest in any premium or mid range Bryant furnace model, you can expect it to be a great, long lasting investment for your home.

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