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Payne Furnace Reviews + Pricing Uncovered

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payne furnace reviews

Payne Furnace Reviews + Pricing

When it comes to investing in a furnace or an HVAC system for your home, there’s so much more to be considered than just the pricing. And that’s exactly why we’ve crafted this in depth furnace reviews and guide.

Scroll down to learn everything you need to know about Payne gas furnaces, their models, their warranties, how they fare against their competitors and so much more.

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Table of Contents

Payne Furnaces: An Overview

Founded in 1914, Payne Heating and Cooling Company is a reputed HVAC system company founded by DW Payne and his son. Today, after being taken over by United Technologies, it is still a popular UTC brand offering a plethora of high quality and affordable HVAC equipment for its consumers.

While Payne equipment does fare well in the affordability and quality aspects, what’s missing is the lack of innovative features. Most Payne gas furnaces lack a fully modulating gas furnace that you can often find in most other furnace brands out there.

Most of its systems come with AFUE ranging between 80% to 90%, which is pretty decent. The company is primarily focused on providing products that are standardized with carefully engineered components.

Although Payne’s Furnace doesn’t possess proprietary equipment or novel capabilities these appliances are useful in many ways and have many benefits.

Uncovering Payne’s Features

Payne’s slashed down line is based off their years of experience, and provides straightforward heating systems that are inexpensive without any of the hassle. Most of their units are affordable and perfect for apartments and homes.

Payne furnace models have been recognized as economical, reliable and energy-efficient furnaces. These are especially useful for those looking for short-term solutions instead of long-term commitments.

What is the Life Expectancy of a Payne Gas Furnace?

Depending on a number of conditions, you can expect your furnace to last you for a minimum of 15 years. It is also important to note that it isn’t just the unit, but also the installation quality and how the existing furnace has been maintained that plays a role in determining the life of the new furnace.

Are Payne Furnaces Good Quality?

Payne gas furnaces come with a decent energy efficiency rating. They are versatile, offer high efficiency heating for your homes, and all of that at an affordable price tag. The two stage Payne furnace models can ensure you stay warm and comfortably throughout the harshest winters.

Is Payne a Good Brand?

Although Payne does not offer a lot of variety and features as other high efficiency furnaces out there, it offers the perfect balance of quiet operation, energy costs savings in almost every furnace model.

In fact, some of its models are also ENERGY STAR certified and come packed with some additional features such as a secondary heat exchanger, a multi speed blower motor and humidity control.

Top Features of Payne Furnaces

Payne furnace systems come with quite a few outstanding features that set them apart from other commercially available brands.

  •     Most of their models have secondary heat exchanger units installed, which ensures optimum efficiency of the unit.
  •     Almost all of these furnaces are energy efficient, and come with the ENERGY STAR certification, ensuring that your energy bills are low.
  •     While the lower end models may function best in cooler climates, high end units can work wonderfully in almost all situations.
  •     Payne offers standard limited warranty on all of its heating and cooling system units, meeting industry standards.
  •     When installed correctly, the furnace offers consistent performance and delivers a lot more than you’d expect a budget friendly and affordable furnace unit to.

Decoding Payne Gas Furnace Pricing

Promotional offers make it difficult to point down the exact Payne gas furnace prices, however, the final cost of your unit will depend on the size of your home, your furnace and other installation factors.

A furnace’s output can vary from different capacity to different power output and this can affect the cost as a whole because the furnace has varying power output. For most HVAC suppliers, it’s a tier factor.

Payne furnaces vary in price depending on model size and their AFUE rating. To get a clear idea about the pricing, it is best to get in touch with your local HVAC professional.

In general, you can expect to shell out around $3,500 – $4,500 for mid range Payne furnaces, while the top tier models can go up to $5,500 including the installation costs.

Top Payne Gas Furnace Models

If you have been considering Payne gas furnace units for your home’s heating needs, picking the right model to suit your requirements can be a tad bit overwhelming. The furnace must take into account several factors such as the furnace’s efficiency ratings and the AFUE rating.

And that’s exactly why we’ve listed down some of Payne’s top furnace units for you to pick from.


The Payne G96VAT is a two stage gas furnace that offers excellent comfort and quiet operation for your home. The unit also comes with a variable speed blower motor that ensures optimum management of high humidity situations, as well as consistent temperature control.

In addition, this is one of those gas furnace units that come with high temperature limit control as well, and when paired with your air purification system, can lead to improved air quality.

The warranty on this unit is excellent too, and if that isn’t all, it also meets all the ENERGY STAR certifications brilliantly.

Payne 80 PG8MAA

PG8MAA furnaces from Payne 80 focus on offering reliable performance. This single stage gas furnace uses a fixed-speed turbine to keep the temperature constant throughout your day for the best performance.

It also comes with dual fuel capability that maximizes energy savings while allowing compatible air purifiers and humidification units to provide fresh air to your home.

The AFUE rating it offers is around 80%, and it is one of those units that packs in sound reducing features as well. The furnace is protected by a 20 year heat exchanger warranty too.


The PG95ESA is slightly less advanced single stage gas furnace as opposed to the high rated premium PG96VAT. However, it does pack in ENERGY STAR certification and has almost the same AFUE rating, making it one of the most energy efficient Payne furnace systems out there.

Featuring fixed speed blower motors, this affordable unit also comes with a soft-mounted compressor motor for quiet comfort and the direct spark ignition provides reliable power.


The PG95ESU is Payne’s most inexpensive furnace that offers excellent efficiency, reliability and performance. It reduces the NOx emissions by 65 percent thus meeting strict air quality standards and is likely to earn additional clean air credits.

The variable speed blower motor hooked into the unit provide quiet efficiency, excellent temperatures consistency and double fuels minimize energy usage while providing optimal comfort.

It might not be one of the most energy efficient units offered by the brand, but is still a decent choice.


The ENERGY STAR certified PG95XAT is another Payne premium furnace. Apart from the unit’s sound reducing capabilities, is the presence of a two-stage gas valve and a variable speed blower that ensure efficient furnace operation.

It features additional insulation and other design specifications that offer reduced energy losses and better noise reduction. When paired with your air purification and humification systems, it can be one of the most efficient furnace models out there.

Payne Gas Furnace Warranty

Payne helps consumers feel comfortable while protecting home comfort investments, and that’s exactly why Payne offers almost all of its products a 10 year parts limited warranty.

Some models also come with 20 years of heat exchanger warranty packed into the deal, which is another plus.

The proper installation of a machine is crucial so as to ensure the long-lived performance of the machine, which is why, it is also important to have a reliable furnace contractor to handle all the installation.

Remember that registering your gas furnace within 90 days of installation is the key to be eligible for these warranty terms.

Payne vs Competitors

Ticking another box off the furnace reviews checklist, let’s team Payne furnaces up against its competitors to see how it fares in all aspects.

Payne vs Carrier Furnaces

Payne furnace models are known for their affordable price tag and simple, effective function. Carrier furnaces, on the other hand, offer more premium and high end furnaces that pack in tons of features, don’t just work on natural gas and are more suitable for warmer climates.

Warranty wise, both companies are similar, but when it comes to performance, Carrier does rank better.

Payne vs Bryant Furnaces

Whether it comes to installing an air conditioning system or a furnace, Payne certainly does much better as opposed to Bryant. Not only are its furnaces more affordable, but also appeals to a wide demographic thanks to the versatility and ease of use.

Payne Furnace Reviews + Prices

And of course, furnace reviews are incomplete without one final look at all the pros and cons of the system. That’s exactly what we’ve done here with all the Payne furnace units.

What’s Good

Payne’s dedication to creating a variety of high-efficiency furnace products can be observed in all their high-end heating equipment and products.

It offer products with impressive efficiency ratings and ENERGY STAR® certification.

Some of its gas furnaces are dual fuel capable, which means they can be hooked up with a compatible heat pump to offer consistent temperatures while still keeping the energy costs low. Most of its models also come with a secondary heat exchanger.

Some other gas furnaces have been found to reduce the emission of harmful combustion gases, focusing on keeping their operation more green.

Certain new furnace model units offered by the brand come with a secondary heat exchangers, and are backed by a solid heat exchanger warranty as well.

What Needs to be Improved

Despite being capable of providing excellent heating systems, Payne lacks innovative features that require improvement in its product line.

The parts limited warranty on most of its furnace units is nothing out of the ordinary- better coverage can be expected on its premium models.

In addition, some of its models have a lower AFUE, which means they require more energy for heating operation, and in turn, aren’t as energy efficient as you’d want your furnace to be.

To Buy or Not to Buy?

Payne offers a consistent range of quality heating and cooling products including heat pumps, air conditioners and more. Despite a limited range of furnace products, the brand is reliable and can provide the best comfort in almost every home.

Payne offers has a lifetime warranty on its furnaces and is guaranteed for optimum performance. It also fares decently against most of its competitors, and wins in terms of affordability.

All in all, Payne furnace systems are a great choice for any home owner looking for quieter operation and versatile heating in their furnace choices.

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