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Goodman Furnace Reviews and Prices 2021- Good & Bad

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goodman furnace reviews

Goodman Furnace Reviews

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Thinking About Buying A Goodman Furnace?

Well, of course you are…..that is why you are here!

The REAL question is – are they any good? In this Goodman furnace review we will take a dive into whether a Goodman furnace is any good.

There are countless furnace manufactures on the market all claiming to be the best thing since sliced bread, so who do you trust? Where do you start looking for answers?

First off I would never trust someone who just sells Goodman, or only sells Trane and obviously hates Goodman Furnaces. Companies that offer just one brand have a very large vested interest in loving or hating anything other brand.

My experience comes from 18 years in the HVAC trades, during that time I have installed and serviced about every brand of heating and cooling products on the market.

I love some and well, not so thrilled with others.

Who Is Goodman Manufacturing?

Goodman is one of the largest manufactures of residential and light commercial air conditioning, heating and indoor air quality products. The central hub for manufacturing is located in Houston, Texas. Goodman has an unbelievable state of the art modern manufacturing plant.

You ready for this fact?

The plant is 4.2 million square feet!

That is almost 100 football fields, yup everything is bigger in Texas.

Goodman even makes it’s own screws that go into their units!

Goodman Gas Furnace Product Line

Goodman offers a complete line of residential gas furnaces ranging from the basic single-stage 80% AFUE standard fan gas furnaces, up to the flagship 97% AFUE modulating variable speed furnace.

Let’s break down each model in a little bit more detail!

Goodman GMS Gas Furnace

I would be willing to bet that more Goodman GMS furnaces haven been installed than any other gas furnace on the market in the last 3 years!


What makes the GMS gas furnace such popular furnace?

The number one reason is the low price point.

Yup, Goodman owns the market on the low cost 80% AFUE gas furnace.

But, this still doesn’t answer the question if the furnace is any good.

I will say this with all honesty, and try not to offend the Carrier, Trane and Lennox lovers of the world.

The GMS Goodman Gas Furnace is the best low cost solution to a gas furnace replacement on the market. Bar None!

Big Caveat Here…..

If the furnace is installed correctly. I do not see any higher warranty failure rate of the flagship Trane and Carrier Gas furnaces.

Goodman GMS Furnace Cost Installed $2600-$3200

Alright so what if I want something a little bit nicer than the basic low cost gas furnace?

Keep Reading…

Goodman GME Gas Furnace

So you say you want something better than the basic entry level furnace?

The GME 2-stage multi speed ECM 80% AFUE Goodman gas furnace maybe just want the doctored ordered!

The first major difference between the GMS and the GME gas furnace is the gas valve. The GME has a 2 stage gas valve.

Ok so what is a two stage gas valve?

So a two stage gas valve is a furnace that has the ability to have two different outputs.

Right, but why?

Well we size a gas furnace for the worst case scenario the coldest day of the year. We want to be able to heat the home during the coldest snowiest days.

But, what happens when its not too cold? Like 50 degrees and rain and we still need heat. That’s when the 2 stage gas furnace will shine.

The GME has a high and low setting on the gas consumption. This is a huge energy saver!

Use more when you need it, less when you don’t.

Easy to understand right?

But Wait! The GME has more features.

The GME Goodman Gas furnace also has a multi speed ECM blower motor.

Alright, English please…..

Basically, this fan motor has the ability to ramp up and down and drastically improves the efficiency of an Air Conditioner.

Its like cruise control for your AC.

This fan motor is also quieter than the very basic direct drive motor in the GMS furnace.

To sum up everything about this furnace in two words.

More Efficient!

Goodman GME Furnace Installed $2,950.00-$3,400.00

Looking for the top of the line 80% AFUE Goodman gas furnace?

Yup, coming up next!

Goodman GMV Gas Furnace

At the top of the food chain for Goodman 80% gas furnaces sits the Goodman GMV series gas furnace.

If you are looking to maximize comfort, efficiency and initial installation cost then this furnace rocks!

The main factor why the GMV is king of the 80% Goodman gas furnaces is all about the special fan motor. The high efficiency variable speed motor is super quiet.

The furnace has a auto-comfort mode which is amazing.

It’s like cruise control!

The auto-comfort mode dehumidifies your home much faster and more efficiently than other models of the Goodman furnace line.

So follow me as I explain how this works….

In air conditioning mode the blower motor will come on at low speed. This allows for the evaporator coil on top of the furnace to get super cold and start “sweating” before the fan motor is sped up to a higher speed. Just like a cold soda can in a hot humid day.

Once the airflow starts coming out of the vents.

Yeah It’s Ice Cold Baby!

Now the magic really happens.

Once the home has reached set point temperature the outdoor air conditioner will cycle off,


Well the special variable speed fan motor inside will continue to operate until the evaporator cools down.

This is like FREE Air Conditioning.

Goodman GMV Furnace Installed $3,250.00-$3,800.00

Other features of the Goodman GMV

  • Two-stage gas valve, which lowers the cost of operation in the winter time.
  • 10 Year Parts Warranty (when registered at goodman.com)
  • 20 Year Heat Exchanger Warranty

Review Of Goodman Gas Furnaces

As you can see from the facts above Goodman Gas furnaces have a ton to offer! From the low upfront cost of installation, high efficiency technology, and super quiet fan motors I would suggest looking into purchasing one for your home.

There will always be negative comments at any brand that is on the market. Goodman has it’s share of haters just like every other gas furnace brand. If installed correctly the Goodman gas furnace is surely a winner in my book!

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