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A Guide to the Top Air Conditioner Brands of 2022

Whether you’re wanting to buy a new AC unit for your home or you’re just doing some preliminary research, it’s helpful to know the best AC brands. After all, Americans spend over $22 billion a year on AC!

With such a high price tag, having a good AC system is essential to your wallet. And, it’s essential for staying cool and comfortable during hot summer months.

To help you out, we’ve put together a list of the top air conditioner brands of 2022. Let’s check them out! 

1. Mitsubishi AC

Mitsubishi is a brand that’s well-known for developing heavy electric, high-quality products. They’re famous for manufacturing both window and split AC units. 

Mitsubishi uses state-of-the-art technology to create silent cooing units with smart technology and climate adaptation capability. They’re ideal for keeping your home at a good temperature with minimal effort. 

Mitsubishi units feature an anti-bacteria filter that helps keep your air clean and clear. Plus, the highly efficient motor ensures that your home is cool at all times. 


There are several features that make Mitsubishi AC units so great. For one, these units offer smooth cooing, which keeps the room at an even temperature throughout the day. 

Another advantage is that the AC units have both horizontal and vertical swing. Thanks to that, the cool air reaches all parts of the room rather than hitting just one area. 

The units have a silent feature that you can use if you don’t want to hear the hum of the AC all day. Both the silent mode and the low fan speed are great for keeping noise to a minimum. 


One thing to keep in mind about Mitsubishi AC units is that they tend to be a bit more expensive than other units. Since these are imported AC systems, you can expect to pay a bit more for them.  

On that same note, spare parts also tend to be costly. This can hike up the cost of a repair job if something goes awry with your system. 

Another disadvantage of this AC system is that it’s not well designed for use at night. There is no sleep mode on these ACs and the remote doesn’t have a light on it either.  

2. Carrier AC

Carrier is a company that was founded back in the early 1900s by a man named Bills Carrier. He named the company after himself and then went on to grow his company to be one of the best in the world. 

AC models made by Carrier feature anti-bacteria and dust filters. These make it easy for them to keep your air clean and boost your indoor air quality.

On top of that, they use a rotary compressor system. The AC units are great for dehumidification and reducing moisture levels in the air. 

Finally, the auto-restart feature of these units makes them super-convenient to use. 


If you’re going to buy a Carrier AC unit you’ll have fantastic post-sale service. This company really cares about its customers, which shows in the way that they offer ongoing support after your purchase. 

These units are also widely available. You can find Carrier AC units all across the US and in most major cities around the world, which is great if you need to purchase replacement parts. 

Another major advantage of Carrier AC is that its units are created with smart technology. You can connect them to your phone or to a smart home system to keep the house cooled.  


One of the biggest downsides of Carrier units is that the installation process is fairly complex. It’s also quite expensive, so make sure to budget properly for this job. 

Carrier also offers shorter warranty periods than several comparable competitors. You can take out extended warranties, but it will cost you extra to do so. 

Carrier AC units are on the higher end when it comes to pricing. However, you can find many comparable units with similar SEER ratings for lower costs, making this a disadvantage. 

3. American Standard

Next up is American Standard. American Standard air conditioning units are some of the best central units on the market. 

Most American Standard AC units have a SEER rating of about 14. That means that these are highly efficient machines that require fewer repairs than most others you’ll find out there. 

Premiums tend to be on the higher side for American Standard machines, but their efficiency makes them well worth the price.


American Standard offers more than 16 different types of AC units. That means that you have a wide variety of options and are able to choose one that makes sense for your home. 

American Standard units also have home automation compatibility. You can connect them to a mobile app that allows you to control the settings and energy consumption of your AC units. 

The mobile app also allows you to change the filtration options on your AC unit. You can choose to have an automated cleaning system and special filters installed in the unit to keep the home’s air quality at its best. 


The biggest disadvantage of American Standard units is that they have low energy efficiency. Even though their mobile app helps improve its efficiency, it still doesn’t do as good a job as several of its competitors. 

What’s more, these units have a lower warranty. Many times the cost of labor and replacement parts exceeds the limitations of the warranty, incurring out-of-pocket costs.

4. Rheem

If you have a limited budget but still need to get a new AC system installed, Rheem is a great option. Rheem units can last just as long as higher-end AC systems as long as you care for them properly. 

Many people cross Rheem off their list just because its quality ratings aren’t as high as other, premium brands. However, it’s a great choice if you need an AC system that gets the job done! 


Rheem AC units have SEER ratings between 16 and 20, which means great energy efficiency. In fact, they’re so efficient that they qualify for tax rebates in several parts of the country. 

On top of that, Rheem offers modulating, two-stage, and single-stage AC units so that you can choose a cooling system in your budget. These units have a capacity of cooling as much as 3,000 square feet of space.

Rheem units have a lifespan of 15-20 years as long as you get them maintained. And luckily, you can have these units serviced by any HVAC pro, not just Rheem technicians.


Despite their energy efficiency, Rheem has competitors who outperform them. For those that live in warmer climates or want to focus on eco-friendly cooling, competitors may provide better options. 

In addition, Rheem AC units will only meet their expected efficiency with proper maintenance. If they are properly installed or poorly maintained they won’t be able to offer high levels of efficiency. 

Finally, Rheem only has six AC models. Competitors such as Carrier and Trane have more variety for you to choose from. 

5. Goodman

Another top HVAC unit out there would have to be Goodman. These are known as budget AC units that offer great reliability, just like a Carrier or Mitsubishi model would. 

Goodman is a company that’s been around for years, which is what’s enabled them to develop such good quality air conditioners. Plus, they offer fantastic value for your money. 

One of the best things about Goodman AC units is that they come with a limited lifetime warranty. If you need to service your AC, all you have to do is call the company! 


Goodman AC units have an incredible warranty. In fact, their warranties are considered some of the best in the industry.

On top of that, Goodman units with SEER ratings between 16 and 18 have an Energy Star rating. They qualify for tax rebates in certain parts of the country. 

Goodman units also use R-410A refrigerants. These cooling agents are thought to do less harm to the environment than older refrigerants commonly used in AC models. 

Finally, you can find Goodman AC units anywhere in the country. That makes it easy to get your cooling system serviced or to order replacement parts. 


Even though Goodman creates affordable air conditioners, they don’t offer great reliability. Buyers are able to get more consistent cooling from large competitors of the company. 

Another disadvantage of these units is that they may not offer sufficient cooling for individuals who live in warm climates. There are many companies that offer SEER ratings between 19 and 24, which are better for these types of climates. 

Finally, Goodman sells its AC units to just about any wholesaler. That means you might not be buying from the most experienced HVAC professional. It’s a good idea to do due diligence and research your chosen HVAC installer before letting them work on your unit. 

6. Amana

Amana air conditioners are considered mid-range products that typically have SEER ratings between 13 and 18. They offer fantastic Limited Lifetime Replacement warranties so that you can stay cool without incurring huge costs. 

Amana AC also offers heat pumps and replacement furnaces. In other words, you can have all your HVAC systems in the home serviced by the same team! 


Amana has great energy management. Their units have high Energy Star ratings and have three different air compressor levels to help reduce their energy consumption. 

Amana is one of the best AC companies when it comes to comfort management. These units offer top performance and consistent temperature management that maintains even temperatures throughout the home. 

Finally, Amana units are fairly quiet. If you’re wanting AC systems that don’t make a lot of noise, these are an affordable option.  


The main problem with Amana is that their AC units utilize communicating technology. That means that it communicates with itself to diagnose and solve problems. 

However, when the technology fails, it can be extremely difficult to remedy. Repairs can be costly and can take a long time to get the AC back up and running.  

7. York

One of the best HVAC brands on the market is York. York is a popular ac manufacturer because they offer low pricing. 

You can get York HVAC units with standard SEER ratings of 16. However, their most energy-efficient units operate at a SEER rating of 20. 

The biggest benefit of York air conditioners is their noise levels. York AC units are famous for being super silent, great for people who want to limit noise.


One of the benefits of these AC units is that they offer climate control. You can set the climate control on your unit to optimize cooling in your specific region.

On top of that, they’re made with microchannel coils. These coils save space and improve the efficiency of the unit. 

Speaking of space-saving, York AC systems tend to be very compact. They’re ideal for anyone who doesn’t have as much room in the home for an AC system but still needs to keep the house cool.


The microchannel coils that York uses, while space-saving and energy-efficient, are extremely delicate. They’re prone to leaks, which can mean expensive AC repairs for homeowners. 

In addition, York AC units are fairly basic air conditioners. They’ll get the job done, but they don’t come with any fancy frills like smart home capability. 

8. Bryant

Another great brand to look into this year is Bryant. Bryant is a brand that’s famous for providing HVAC supplies and components across the board. 

Bryant is a fairly low-priced HVAC company, making them an affordable option for homeowners. You can often get parts that are the same quality as more premium brands for a lower price at Bryant. 


Bryant AC units are great at both energy efficiency and comfort management. These systems use smart technology to adjust energy and temperature levels to ensure that they are functioning optimally. 

On top of that, users can control these settings from their mobile devices. That makes these AC systems much easier to manage than some of their competitors. 

Bryant AC also offers several special units. Their compact units are perfect for those with limited space while their coastal units are specifically designed for individuals living in a coastal climate.  


Just like Amana AC units, the smart technology in Byrant AC systems can pose some problems. When things go awry with the technology, it’s difficult to diagnose and fix the problem. 

Another issue with these units is that they offer limited warranties. Bryant offers 5-year warranties but advertises them as 10-year warranties. Not only is this dishonest, but it can leave you in a pinch if your unit breaks down. 

Finally, these units have much lower SEER ratings than some of their competitors. That can make them an affordable but inefficient choice for the home.


If you need a low-cost HVAC system that still has easy-to-find replacement parts, RUUD is a great choice. RUUD offers a wide range of heating and cooling products at fairly reasonable prices. 

RUUD units are designed to be long-lasting. However, even if you do run into an issue with your air conditioner, it’s easy to find spare parts across the USA.

The one downside to RUUD air conditioners is that they don’t offer very good warranties. However, their installation costs are far lower than competing brands.


RUUD units are very affordable, coming at low initial costs and requiring relatively inexpensive installation. On top of that, they’re eligible for tax rebates, making their affordability even more noticeable. 

The customer service for RUUD units is also fantastic. If you need to get your system serviced, you can pretty much count on this company to make sure that it’s done correctly.

Finally, you can use generic replacement parts on RUUD units. This lowers the cost of repairs and maintenance.


The affordability of these units means that they’re not as reliable or durable as competitors. Their coils are especially delicate and often require replacing. 

On top of that, RUUD units are not the most efficient ACs out there. Most competitors offer better efficiency ratings. 

Finally, despite their outstanding customer service, the warranty is only average on these units. Plus, the warranty doesn’t include labor.

10. Lennox

Lennox air conditioners are famous for their energy efficiency. In fact, whereas the industry standard is between 14-20 for SEER ratings, Lennox offers machines with ratings as high as 23.5!

Lennox machines are slightly pricier and will cost you several thousand dollars even for one of their low energy-efficient models. If you want a premium AC unit, however, this is a great choice.  


One of the benefits of Lennox machines is that they use aluminum coils. These coils have an extremely low failure rate, resulting in fewer repairs and fewer maintenance costs. 

On top of that, these systems have high-speed compressor systems. The variable speed offered by these compressors is considered the best in the market.

Finally, Lennox offers a transferrable warranty. If you move house or give the unit away, you can easily transfer the warranty to the new owner. 


Lennox AC units are prone to leaks. And, many times if the motor or the module fails, you have to replace both these parts even if only one of them breaks down. 

Finally, Lennox AC units tend to be pretty big. If you don’t have a huge amount of space this can be a big problem. 


HEIL AC isn’t as well known as some of the other brands on our list, but that’s not to say they’re not worth mentioning!

HEIL has created high-tech AC units that are extremely energy efficient and highly reliable. Their mechanisms synchronize performance by sending information between different cooling components. 

You’ll love the fact that HEIL AC machines have SEER ratings as high as 19. Plus, they come with a 10-year warranty on all their products.


HEIL has an impressive 10-year warranty. They cover both labor and parts on their warranties so that you can get replacements and repairs done without incurring additional costs. 

HEIL units also use smart technology to monitor the temperature. This helps improve your air conditioner’s overall efficiency and saves you money on electric bills. 

Lastly, these units are built to be extremely quiet. They’re perfect for anyone wanting to avoid the noise of bulky air conditioners. 


The biggest disadvantage of HEIL units is that they don’t offer great efficiency. Whereas competitors offer super-efficient units, HEIL’s units are all fairly standard in terms of SEER ratings. 

On top of that, HEIL parts are not exclusive to the brand. They can be mixed and matched, meaning your HEIL AC system is more of a motley blend of air conditioners than a true HEIL machine. 

12. Trane

Trane is probably the most famous AC manufacturer out there. This company offers 10-year warranties on all its products. The warranty covers both labor and parts. 

Thanks to their outstanding quality and fantastic warranties, Trane machines tend to be a bit more expensive than other HVAC companies. However, if you’re looking for a premium AC that gets the job done, Trane is the way to go.


Trane units are extremely reliable, functioning for 20 years or more with proper maintenance. Plus, they’re very efficient and can operate in even hotter climates.

Trane units use eco-friendly refrigerants. This helps boost their energy rating and makes these units eligible for tax rebates.


Trane offers lower warranties than many of its competitors. And, they don’t offer great unit-replacement coverage. Still, they charge high prices which can make these unaffordable for some people.

On top of that, Trane parts are not necessarily used in replacements. If you want Trane parts in your AC, you’ll have to ask your HVAC technician to use those instead of universal parts. 

Finally, Trane has a limited network of dealers. That means these systems can be harder to get your hands on. 

Shop the Best Air Conditioner Brands Today

With this guide to the top air conditioner brands, you’ll know exactly what to look for when installing a new AC unit. And, with one of these systems, you’ll be able to avoid pesky air conditioner issues. 

Did you find this guide to air conditioner brands helpful? Be sure to check out some of our other HVAC guides!

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