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Rheem Furnace Review and Buying Guide

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rheem furnace review

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Rheem Furnace: Reviews and Buying Guide

With a plethora of options to offer, Rheem gas furnaces can be an excellent choice for the harsh Canadian winters. Flaunting comprehensive warranty coverage and a reasonable price tag, Rheem furnaces truly fit the bill for homeowners that are on the hunt for models that deliver performance without ripping them off.

So here’s helping you make an informed choice with an extensive overview of the brand- right from its different models and installation costs to its warranty to picking the right one for you- we have it all covered here. Read on…

Rheem Furnaces: An Overview

Standing out from among the other popular competitors in its industry based simply on their extensive warranty coverage and warranty transfers, these furnaces have what it takes to be the perfect choice for a Canadian household.

Who Makes Rheem Furnaces?

Rheem is now owned by Paloma Group that manufactures Ruud HVAC products. Rheem manufactures water heaters, water heating and water cooling systems, as well as refrigeration products and a variety of other products. It is North American’s top heating equipment manufacturer.

Popular Rheem Gas Furnace Models

Rheem offers a plethora of different furnace models for consumers to choose from. Rheem’s Prestige Series is lightweight, offers quick installation and maintenance features. Then there’s a Classic Plus Series that has a good AFUE rating of 96% for great energy efficiency.

Rheem also has a Classic Series that is more focused on affordability, and is a good entry level furnace model that still offers all the good features that other high end models pack in.

Rheem Gas Furnace Buying Guide

Rheem offers various efficient gas furnace models which create a perfect home heater system. Many HVAC technicians recommend the Rheem gas furnace for its reliability and long lifespan.

With all the options available, picking the right one that meets your specific needs can be a bit tricky. And that’s exactly why we’ve developed this little buying guide that covers a quick rundown of all the popular Rheem furnace models, their installation costs, their energy efficiency and much more.

Your search for the best Rheem furnace buying guides ends right here.

Rheem Furnace Models

Before you choose the right furnace it is helpful to understand the choices available. See here for a brief overview of Rheems leading furnace design.

Rheem Classic Series

Rheem’s Classic Series has always the most economical among all of its models, but still offered surprisingly high ratings and excellent functionality. The pricing ranges between $3,500 to $4,580 and the entire range is ENERGY STAR certified too.

The ECM motor and the quality design are what help these furnaces deliver cost-saving performances.

Rheem Classic Plus® Series

Rheem’s Classic Plus® Series offers many of the features that are found in the Prestige Series but at a less expensive price tag. They offer substantial flexibility and comfortable features.

Their two stage design and advanced variable speed ECM motor team up to offer quiet and efficient operation. Plus, they also boast of having AFUE rating of up to 95%.

That’s not all- almost all models in the Classic Plus® series promise reliable heating, while still being easy to maintain.

Rheem Prestige™ Series

The Prestige™ Series boast of premium models that offer more features and advantages, which seems to justify their price tag. These furnaces have high-end technology and innovative features that ensure energy efficient units.

These EcoNet™-enabled furnaces have AFUE rating of up to 98%. They also pack in modulating gas valves that offer better temperature consistency even on cold days, while still using the least amount of energy possible.

Apart from good energy efficiency, the Rheem Prestige series offer many premium features including the EcoNet technology which allows remote Wi Fi operation of the mode.

Rheem Gas Furnace Prices

Rheem offers different gas furnaces at their Classic Plus, Prestige, and Classic brands.

  • If you plan to choose an entry level model like the Classic series, you can expect to pay between $3,500 – $4,585.
  • For mid-range models, you can expect to shell out between $4,585 – $5,670.
  • And if you plan to invest in a high end model like the ones from the Prestige series, you might have to pay up to $5,670 – $6,750.

Key Features in Rheem Gas Furnaces

Rheem’s gas furnaces have several features, differing depending on the model of the product. Let’s take a closer look at each of these features, to help you make a better decision.

PlusOne™ Ignition System

Rheem’s PlusOne™ Ignition System is what makes its models some of the most reliable ignition systems out there today. The dependable and efficient DSI, short for proven direct spark ignition, guarantees consistent operation of your heating system even during the harsh winters.


EcoNet™ is a unique integrated system that provides wireless remote access to your HVAC system. It is designed for precise and exact use of efficiency and potential savings for homes.

It is undoubtedly one of the best features that Rheem gas furnaces offer- helping you remotely access all of your home’s heating, cooling and water heating equipment.

It is important to note that you’ll find this feature in the high end models, such as the ones in the Rheem Prestige series.

Other Added Features

In addition to these two key features, Rheem gas furnace models also offer two other innovative add-ons into its models.

  • PlusOne™ Diagnostics, which has a new LED display on the units, designed specifically to make service calls easier. This new diagnostic system can help you significantly cut labor costs by helping you troubleshoot and get to the actual problem much more easily, and in turn, help you make savings on maintenance costs as well.
  • Rheem also features the PlusOne™ Water Management System, which, true to its name, helps shut off the furnace when the drain is blocked, in turn preventing water spillage and damage to your home. This patented blocked drain sensor is available in the mid and high range models offered by the brand.

Weighing the Pricing and Value

Offering three tiers and model ranges to purchase from, Rheem furnace models seem to have a good balance when it comes to offering choices.

Rheem classic models, despite the fact that they are belong to the lower tier, fare well when it comes to energy consumption and humidity control.

These furnaces aren’t just energy efficient, but also come packed with many features. Pricing wise, it is important to note that some models in this series can be more costly and you will have to pay an additional price apart from the installation costs.

Some of these gas furnaces have an excellent rating at 98% of its AFUE, meet ENERGY STAR certifications and also come packed with lifetime heat exchanger warranty.

Cost to Install Rheem Furnaces

The average cost to install a Rheem gas furnace can fluctuate between $2000 and $4500 depending on your model of installation and the level of the furnace.

You can contact your local HVAC contractors to get an estimate.

Rheem Gas Furnace Warranty

Just like most others in the industry, Rheem offers different warranty plans for different models and model tiers.

Some models in the Prestige™ Series come with a 10 year limited parts warranty, a lifetime heat exchanger warranty and a limited 10 year replacement warranty.

The lower tier models are backed by a limited 20 year heat exchanger warranty and 10 year limited parts warranty.

It is important to note that you will need to register your new furnace within 90 days of installation to be eligible for the warranty.

Life Expectancy of Rheem Gas Furnaces

In general, life expectancy of heating units can range between 15-30 years, depending on various factors including the kind of model, the size of the furnace, its usage, installation and maintenance.

You can expect a new Rheem gas furnace to last you atleast 15 years, if not more. This holds true even for the lower tier models including the Rheem Classic models.

The Bottomline

If you have been scouring for furnace reviews encompassing different brands, and have a special focus on excellent energy efficiency in an effort to reduce your utility bills, Rheem’s models truly fit the bill.

Let’s give it one final breakdown with all the highs and lows.

The Highlights

Rheem furnaces offer excellent performance at a low cost. They provide reliable and effective heating solutions blended with energy efficiency that customers can consider for their home heating needs.

In addition, they also come with three different model tiers to pick from.

Rheem also offers specialized extended warranty coverage for all its product lines, and are believed to be one of the top notch HVAC systems out there.

The Downside

Despite offering excellent heat exchange performance, Rheem excludes several products from Canadian markets such as its single-stage furnaces.

Another downside is the fact that Rheem only manufactures multi-speed, dual-stage modulating and double-stage gas furnaces that are cheaper than single-stage units.

Consumers looking for higher priced models can consider other brands.

To Buy or Not to Buy?

Rheem is a good option for consumers in Canada who want high-performance furnaces. They offer a lot of high energy efficiency models, great performance and excellent warranty protection.

These furnaces also come packed with a lot of innovative features designed to improve the lifespan of furnaces, simplify maintenance and repairs and ease the operation and maintenance of the system.

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