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Carrier Furnace Reviews + Buying Guide

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carrier furnace review

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Carrier Furnace Reviews + Buying Guide

Is it time to upgrade your home’s heating and cooling system? You might be on the hunt for some good quality known brands to pick from while choosing a furnace model, and might be considering Carrier furnaces.

So here’s helping you with just that. Scroll down and read on to get a quick gist of Carrier furnace reviews, its in-depth features, the installation costs and unit pricing and how it compares to other brands out there.

Carrier Furnaces: A Buyer’s Guide

Carrier gas furnaces have proven themselves to be among the best brands in the HVAC industry. They offer excellent furnace models and central heating units in addition to air conditioners, heat pump units and even air purifiers.

Is Carrier a Good Furnace Brand?

Yes! They definitely are! Carrier has been manufacturing excellent HVAC systems, and all engineering meets highest of the highest standards at Carrier’s manufacturing plant.

Most of the models that they offer are also ENERGY STAR certified, and come with secondary heat exchangers as well.

How Long Do Carrier Gas Furnaces Last?

Well maintained Carrier furnaces can be expected to last for 15-20 years, if not more. The key to making your furnace and heating system last longer, regardless of the brand, is to focus on annual maintenance and be particular when it comes to timely repairs.

How Much Do Carrier Gas Furnaces Cost?

Unlike most other furnace models out there, Carrier gas furnace units can be a tad bit expensive. For the entry level models can cost you between $3,500 to $4,800, while the mid-range models can be priced between $4,800 and up to $6,000.

For the top tier models, you might need to fork out more than $7,500. Remember that this pricing estimate includes the installation fee usually charged by HVAC contractors.

How Much Does Carrier Furnace Installation Cost?

The installation costs for Carrier gas furnaces can vary greatly depending on many factors. It is important to ensure that you get proper installation done by verified HVAC contractors. This will not just ensure that your unit is well maintained, but will also impact your warranty coverage as well.

Carrier Gas Furnace Models and Variants

Just like most other brands, Carrier offers quite a few furnace models and variants for you to pick from based on your personal needs and budget. Some of these are ENERGY STAR certified, while others focus on humidity control.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the most popular high performance models by the brand.

Infinity® Series with Greenspeed® Intelligence – 59MN7A

The 59MN7 provides excellent fuel performance and high efficiency and is rated by ENERGY STAR.

The unit is insulated with an integrated thermostat which can operate without the use of any heating element or cooling device, provides precise control over the heat in a room and is easily accessible.

It is the most advanced furnace which features the Greenspeed® intelligence technology, providing the maximum quietness, energy savings, humidity and temperature control.

These furnaces also have compatibility with the other Carrier technologies including the Ideal Humidity and hybrid heat technology.

Infinity® Series – 59TN6

The 59TN6 is a high quality Carrier gas furnace flaunting a two stage gas valve. Unlike its sister model, it lacks the Greenspeed® intelligence technology.

Despite the shortcomings, this furnace provides good performance, quiet and reliable operation and good humidity control. The model also supports the Infinity Control System, which offers you real-time temperature control.

Similar to the premium units this unit also supports ideal temperature and hybrid heat.

ComfortTM Series – 59SC2

The 59SC2 is single-stage furnace with multispeed ECM blower motor.

This is the Carrier’s cheapest furnace, but the one with zero efficiency rating is not ENERGY STAR certified.

ComfortTM Series – 59SC5

This one might be a basic, entry level furnace, but does pack in some good features similar to those in mid-range Carrier gas furnaces.

The single-stage furnace has an additional heat exchanger and multispeed ECM motor that improves air quality, noise levels and improved efficiency, and all at the cost of minimal maintenance.

The furnace is equipped with the reliable high power heating surface ignition with hybrid heat and is compatible with a heat generator.

PerformanceTM 96 Gas Furnace 59SP6

The Performance 59SP6 is a smaller single-stage furnace but still boasts excellent efficiency ratings of 96.5 percent, an efficient variable speed blower motor and a secondary heating switch.

A more affordable carrier furnace also gives better efficiency and saves less. The 59SP6 provides silent operation and is compatible with Carrier smart energy, hybrid energy and comfort heating technology.

59-SP6. PerformanceTM Series – 59TP6

The 59TP6 is a two-step variable speed furnace that works most often using less electricity and fuel.

This will mean lower costs and higher fuel efficiency, as well as a quieter running process. It also features a secondary heat exchanger as well as SmartEvap Hybrid Heat and Comfort heat technologies and features.

Carrier Furnace: Uncovering the Exclusive Features

There’s no better way to determine if a brand has what it takes to be your choice than to dig deeper into all its features that set it apart from all the other models and variants out there.

So here’s doing just that. We’ve uncovered and outlined some of the top features of Carrier gas furnaces.

Ideal Humidity

Ideal Humidity is another unique system that senses moisture levels indoors, and adjusts the performance of your furnace accordingly. This system can be particularly helpful during the hotter months of the year.

When high humidity levels are detected, Ideal humidity automatically adjusts the fan speed and compressor operation.


Here’s another excellent feature by Carrier, that can reduce the humidity of your home by up to 10 percent. SmartEvap is the dehumidifying system based on your air conditioner and is intended to reduce the summer humidity level.

This system delays the start of the air circulation, cools blowing fans and lets water drain from the coils of the air conditioning system to ensure that the moisture does not pass into the air.

In addition to lowering moisture the system uses variable speeds for heating furnaces.

Comfort Heat Technology

Carrier’s Comfort Heat technology is one of a kind, and works by allowing the furnace to operate at lower speeds for a longer time duration to ensure consistent temperature and heating while still being energy efficient.


PowerHeat is a feature you can expect to find in most Carrier furnaces, which is basically an ignition system that eliminates the need for a pilot light, in turn helping reduce fuel wastage.

Many modern furnace brands have now started to implement PowerHeat in their newer models.


ComfortFan allows you to have more control over your furnace’s constant on fan mode. You can adjust the fan speed and how fast and thoroughly you want the air to circulate.

Infinity System Control

The Infinity System Control is exactly what it sounds like. Apart from offering you an incredibly user friendly Wi-Fi capability to take control of your temperature and ventilation settings from anywhere, it can also help you save money by reducing your energy consumption.

Think of it as a smart thermostat.

Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency is big in most new Carrier furnace models. Most of the models are ENERGY STAR certified and help reduce energy costs by implementing several different applications.

Greenspeed® Intelligence

Reserved only for Carrier’s top end models, Greenspeed® Intelligence is a cutting-edge technology that seamlessly blends together quiet operation, dehumidification and energy-efficient performance.

That’s not all- it also gives your local HVAC system expert remote access to your system and make maintenance a breeze, sometimes even eliminating the need for certain service calls.

Hybrid Heat®

This technology, which isn’t unique to Carrier models, allows you to switch between heating and electric helps improve the efficiency of electricity.

If you connect your heating system to heat pumps, this feature allows your heating equipment to switch between gas and electric to ensure your ideal indoor temperatures.

The technology automatically selects the most comfortable fuel to maximise comfort while saving money on electricity bills.

Uncovering Carrier Gas Furnace Warranty

Carrier provides a 10-yr limited warranty that covers only the functional parts. The furnaces of the Infinity series also come with 10 years warranty replacement, while furnace units have 20 years or lifetime warranty on heat exchangers.

Just like with most other furnace models, in order to receive a warranty, the unit must be installed and registered within a 90 day period.

What’s best is the fact that Carrier warranties are extensive, regardless of whether you have a top-tier or entry-level model. Plus, you can also choose an extended warranty as an add-on.

Does Carrier Offer a Money-Back Guarantee?

Carrier HVAC distributors offer a full refund of the purchase price for any repairs within ten business days of installation. They are willing to repair or replace the device and refund the product you purchased.

Carrier Gas Furnace vs Other Brands

One of the best ways to compare how a brand fares as compared to other popular brands in the market is to do a side by side comparison to get a clear picture, and that’s exactly what we’ve done here.

Carrier vs Bryant Heating & Cooling Systems

Both Bryant and Carrier Heat & Cool System are part of Carrier Global. There’ll be almost identical lineups for air conditioning, heating and cooling systems, These units are actually produced in similar manufacturing facilities with identical parts.

The overall cost to install Bryant HVAC systems is generally slightly lower than similar carrier systems.

Carrier vs Trane

Carrier and Trane are both big names in the HVAC industry. Both these brands manufacture quality products, but are slightly different in everything that they have to offer.

Trane’s models sport a four-speed blower motor, whereas Carrier’s models pack in variable speed blower motors. The Carrier Infinity system control is what sets it a class apart, and allows you to get all the diagnostic information right from the thermostat.

While both these brands do have a lot to offer, all the flexibility and features that Carrier offers makes it an obvious better choice as opposed to Trane’s many models.

Carrier Gas Furnace Review: To Buy or Not to Buy

Still wondering if a Carrier gas furnace is what you should opt for? Well, here’s breaking down all the good, bad and ugly about the brand and all its models to help you make a more informed decision.

The Highlights

Carriers products are widely recognized among consumers in the USA and Canada. The newest generation of furnaces has AFUE ratings of 95.7% to 95.8%, and most models are ENERGY STAR approved as well. When installed properly, they can last years, and also offer a incredible energy savings.

Carrier also boasts of single stage, two stage and variable speeds furnaces in the entire range, which means that there’s something for everyone’s taste.

The Downside

The high price point is one of the biggest downsides to all of Carrier’s models. Carrier also does not offer free labor warranty or unit replacement guarantee, which some other brands in the market do offer.

The Bottomline

Carrier are the oldest furnace manufacturer in the globe and thus they are well experienced in the production process. They provide heating and ventilation systems with lots of cool features.

Carrier is also known for its high-end product line that is very energy-efficient with various high-tech innovations to support your heating and cooling needs.

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