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Rheem Heat Pump Reviews and Prices 2021 – The Good & Bad

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Rheem Heat Pump Reviews and Prices 2021

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Who is Rheem?

Rheem manufacturing was born in 1925 in a little town in Emeryville, California.  The founders were two brothers named Richard and Donald Rheem, and the main item that Rheem manufactured were steel boilers and water tanks. With almost 100 years of business and manufacturing Rheem has made household appliances, gas ranges, semi-conductors, musical instruments and even steel shipping containers.  Today Rheem is the largest manufacture of water heaters in the United States. Rheem also manufactures residential and commercial heating and cooling units, pool/spa units, and commercial refrigeration systems.  With a pedigree of proven, reliable units and innovation it is no wonder why Rheem Heat Pumps are so popular.

Why are Rheem Heat Pumps Good?

Rheem has a wide range of heat pump systems to choose from, and a wide distribution network of dealers across the United States which makes Rheem a great choice for any homeowner.  Below is a breakdown of what makes Rheem a great choice.

  • Warranty: Rheem offers a standard 10 year compressor warranty on all heat pump systems they manufacture.  Even more, the high efficiency models RP17 and RP20 come with a conditional unit replacement warranty.  This means that if a major compentent of the RP17 or RP20 heat pump has an issue, rather than replace the part, Rheem will replace the entire unit.  Online warranty registration is required to verify your Rheem heat pump has been installed by a certified dealer.
  • Energy Efficiency: Rheem did not miss a beat when it comes to energy efficiency. Rheem manufactures a full line of heat pump efficiencies ranging from 14 seer up to 20 seer units for every budget and need.  Rheem’s RP20 seer variable speed compressor allows for a 40%-100% range of output.  This technology can deliver up to a 60% reduction in electric bills over a standard heat pump, which makes the RP20 an investment rather than a purchase.  Most homeowners can recoup the initial purchase price in as little as 6-8 years!
  • Quiet Operation: Since 1225, Rheem has been a leader in innovation.  Rheem tackled the noise complaint of many customers have with heat pumps head on.  They manufactured a unique grille that reduces the air restriction of a condenser fan motor.  This design significantly reduces the operating noise of a Rheem heat pump. They also installed an underside mounted outdoor fan motor, which help reduce noise even further.
  • Quality: Heat Pumps are exposed to the outdoor weather environment 365 days a year.  This can mean the beating sun or a brutal ice storm.  All Rheem heat pumps come with a fully powder coated and fully encased outdoor shell.  This ensures your outdoor unit does not rust or fade with time, and also the fully protected outdoor coil guards against trimmers and lawn mower accidents!

Why are Rheem Heat Pumps Bad?

No matter what brand of heat pump you are shopping for there are negative features or comments about them online.  Some of the comments are due to product failure (about 5-9%), but most are due to poor installation practices.  The most important factor of a installing a new heat pump is who actually performs the work.  Here is a list of negative feedback on Rheem heat pump systems.

  • Low Voltage Wiring: Rheem is only one of two manufactures in the United States that changed from the standard coloring of low voltage wiring.  This can throw off many HVAC companies who are not familiar with Rheem units.  Also, the method in which the reversing valve energizes is also the exact opposite of most other heat pumps manufactured today .  This change can also require a new thermostat if the existing thermostat can not support the different style.
  • Customer Service: The majority of negative feedback from reviews online about Rheem are the unresponsiveness and denied warranty claims.  Back in 2012 Rheem, much like many manufactures had a large problem with TXV valves and coil leaks.  This resulted in a lot of negative feedback that can be found online today.  Rheem has overhauled it’s warranty claims division and responsiveness has improved.
  • Field Service Representatives: Whenever a contractor installs a new Rheem heat pump and can not figure out why the unit has been failing the contractor can request that Rheem send a Factory Field Service Representative (FSR) out to the home. The issue is that Rheem does not have close to the amount of FSR reps required for most areas of the United States.  This is not a unique problem that only Rheem experiences, but all major brands of heat pumps suffer from this man power issue.  The can drag out the warranty claims process and lead to negative feedback from customers.

How Long Do Rheem Heat Pumps Last?

Rheem heat pumps life expectancy on average is around 13-17 years.  Many factors can boost or hinder how long the system will last.  Below are a few things to keep in mind to make sure you get a full life out of your heat pump.

  • Proper Installation: We can not preach proper installation enough when it comes to how long a heat pump will last.  Following the manufactures guidelines such as proper refrigerant lines sizing, precise refrigerant levels adequate duct sizing and installing a properly sized unit for the home have a huge impact on life expectancy.
  • Routine Maintenance: The last thing you want to hear after spending thousands of dollars on a new heat pump system is that routine maintenance is required.  You see heat pumps have many parts inside that will wear out over time such as a capacitor and contactor.  This is normal around year 7-9.  If neglected a failure of these two parts can cause damage to the compressor, and end up causing a catastrophic failure.  Routine maintenance can also look out for pesky rodent damage to any of the wires inside of the heat pump.

Rheem Heat Pump Models

Rheem makes a wide range of economical heat pumps and also ultra high efficient units.  Here is a breakdown of the models and what features each model has to offer.

  • Rheem RP14: Single-Stage Compressor: The standard entry level heat pump from Rheem.  Energy efficiencies up to 15 SEER and 9 HSPF. Powder coated outdoor cabinet and composite base pan which dampens sound and eliminates corrosion.
  • Rheem RP15: Single-Stage Compressor: Energy efficiencies up to 16 SEER and 9 HSPF. Powder coated outdoor cabinet and composite base pan which dampens sound and eliminates corrosion. Qualifies for energy rebates in some states.
  • Rheem RP16: Two-Stage Compressor: Energy efficiencies up to 16 SEER and 9.2 HSPF.  Quieter operation and the two-stage compressor provides a more even temperature balance in your home.
  • Rheem RP17: Three-Stage Compressor: Energy efficiencies up to 18.5 SEER and 9.5 HSPF.  Controlled by Rheem Eco-Net digital smart home system.  Ultra quiet operation.
  • Rheem RP20: Variable Speed Compressor: Energy efficiencies up to 20 SEER.  Controlled by Rheem Eco-Net digital smart home system.  Ultra quiet operation.

Rheem Heat Pump Prices

Rheem heat pump prices are in the lower to middle range of brands currently in the market.  We rank them a very good buy and a reliable choice.  Below are the costs of what an average contractor will pay for a new Rheem heat pump.  The prices listed below do not include the installation/labor price.

What a contractor pays for a Rheem Heat Pump

ModelCompressor StyleEfficiencyEquipment Price
RP14Single-Stage14 SEER$890-$1950
RP15Single-Stage15 SEER$930-$2150
RP16Two-Stage16 SEER$1750-$2990
RP17Variable Speed17 SEER$2150-$3890
RP20Variable Speed20 SEER$2680-$4890

Need to find a Rheem heat pump dealer near you?

We can help you find a certified Rheem heat pump dealer near you.  Simply drop us an email and we will reach out with a solution.

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