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Daikin Furnace Reviews + Pricing Uncovered

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Daikin Furnace Reviews & Pricing Uncovered

Daikin has been a well known brand- it started off in 1924, manufacturing radiator tubes for aircrafts. Today, almost everything the brand has to offer- every air conditioner, heat pump, and every refrigeration and furnace system is top notch in more ways than one.

When it comes to making smart decisions about your next purchase of a smart and efficient new furnace, there are a few key points you might want to focus on apart from just the brand.

And that’s exactly why we’ve got you a detailed analysis of Daikin gas furnaces– its models, the pricing, the warranty coverage and its highs and lows.

Let’s take a closer look to discover how Daikin gas furnace models stand out.

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Top Daikin Furnace Models

Daikin offers many different gas furnace models with different performance and pricing ranges. It can be considered a strong contender in your hunt for a reliable and superior mid range furnace for your home.

Pricing wise, Daikin furnace and cooling systems all fall within the mid-tier price range category, which is great. What’s more, Daikin models are one of the entry level furnace models that come packed with a lot of advanced features that you can only expect to find in advanced models.

For instance, some of its modulating furnaces are done up in tubular stainless steel. Daikin also ranks high in the warranty aspect and also offers unit replacement warranty on some of their variable speed furnace units.

Deciding which model fits your needs, however, can be a bit tricky. Let’s dig deeper into each of the most popular furnace models to get a better idea.


Daikin’s DP97MC is the most efficient furnace model. It offers reliable comfort even during the harshest winter months and thanks to its variable speed blower motor, you’ll experience constant ambient temperatures during the operation.

The model also features an advanced modulating gas valve that provides maximum comfort and uses less energy than one and two stage furnaces.

That’s not all- it is also one of the most efficient furnaces out there and was awarded the ENERGY STAR Most Efficient of 2020 title. The furnace can also be teamed up with the Daikin premium air cleaner and other communicating technologies like Daikin communicating equipment.


Equipped with a single gas valve, the DM92SE is a budget friendly new Daikin furnace that is great for small households. Despite the lack of many fancy features, this affordable furnace is still extremely efficient and meets NOx emission standards.

On the downside though, it doesn’t have the decent AFUE ratings and is not ENERGY STAR certified, which means, its energy consumption is questionable, which can in turn translate into higher monthly energy bills.


Quite a lot of HVAC systems manufacturers today are offering low to extremely low nitrogen oxide furnace models, so of course, Daikin had to jump in too.

The DM96SC-U is an example of this model from Daikin. It comes packed with variable speed motor blowers feature and offers ultra-low NOx emissions along with quiet operation and reliable performance.

In addition to its durability and energy efficiency, the model also packs in many additional features that can be used in conjunction with Daikin’s exclusive technology.


ENERGY STAR certified and offering up to 96% AFUE, this one is another one of premium Daikin models worth considering. The unit is equipped with a self diagnostic control board that ensures consistent operation, offers automatic maintenance alerts, as well as a quiet multi speed blower motor that makes this modulating furnace an excellent choice.

The presence of secondary heat exchanger on this unit helps reduce heat loss, which then paired with the fact that it is a decent mid-range furnaces, makes this model one of the most popular ones offered by the brand.


The Daikin DM92SS is the most economical option offered by the brand. This dons a single stage multi speed furnace that marks up to 92 % annual fuel utilization efficiency.

The furnace also features a fully insulated heat exchanger, which paired along with the secondary heat exchanger, is still an extraordinary choice as compared to other single stage furnaces available today.

Quiet operation and a sturdy hot surface ignition system are just a few of the features that set this gas furnace a class apart from other furnaces out there.


The DC96SE does comply with minimal NOx emissions requirements but is NOT an ultra-low- NOx-emission furnace like the DM96SC-U and DM96SE-U Daikin furnace series.

That said, this single-stage gas furnace is ENERGY STAR certified and also has an excellent AFUE rating which makes it a good option worth considering if you’re looking for a decent gas furnace for your home.

Expect to save a decent amount on your energy bills if you pick this one.


The DC92SS is the basic and cheapest Daikin furnaces you can get your hands on. While it isn’t compatible with most of Daikin’s technologies, it does have a single stage gas valve, a variable speed motor blower and noise-reducing features that make it a much better choice over affordable furnace models from other competitor brands.

This high efficiency furnace is sure to keep the energy bills low as well.

Top Features in Daikin Furnaces

Despite the broad price tier and functionalities offered by Daikin gas furnaces, you can expect to find some top features in almost all of their models, which really give them an edge over other competing brands in the market.

Let’s take a closer look at each of these.

Efficient Secondary Heat Exchangers

The fact that almost all of these furnaces- come with a secondary heat exchanger is a big plus. That’s not all- certain premium models have a sturdy stainless steel heat exchanger which uses wrinkle bend technology which ensures improved efficiency.

Three Performance Level Models

Just like all other furnace brands, Daikin also has three distinct performance levels.

  •     Single stage furnaces that run at 100% capacity all the time. These might be cost effective, but aren’t great for long term use.
  •     Two stage furnaces that are equipped with two stage gas valve to establish the perfect balance between cost effectiveness, reliable operation and humidity control. These usually also come with enhanced dehumidification modes and are among the best furnace models to opt for.
  •     Variable capacity furnaces that run at capacity of 35%-100% depending on several factors, and keep modulating at small increments using a modulating gas valve. In most cases, these models also use variable speed blower motors to establish heating precision.

Warranty Coverage

When it comes to looking for industry leading warranty, you can expect to find Daikin furnace high on the list. Apart from having a lifetime warranty on its stainless steel heat exchangers, Daikin also offers 12 years general parts warranty and 6-12 years of unit replacement limited warranty on certain models.

That’s not all- if you have used Daikin for your air conditioning system, heat pump or any other HVAC equipment, you know how its extensive warranty coverage is what gives it a huge edge over its competitors.

ENERGY STAR Certification

When looking for furnace reviews for a brand, make sure you check the how it fares when it comes to energy efficiency.

Five of Daikin’s models meet the ENERGY STAR certification and are a big thumbs up from almost every environmental protection agency.

Daikin One+

Daikin One+ has compatibility with a few select Daikin furnaces. This feature allows you to access and adjust the humidity and air quality in your home, and in general, control and monitor your furnace settings, all through a smartphone app.

This smart thermostat system supports both Alexa and Google Assistant, and does translate into increased efficiency.

Daikin Comfort Control App

Daikin’s Comfort Control App is exactly what it sounds like-it offers you the comfort of controlling your furnace or heating system from anywhere you are. Using the app on your smartphone, you’ll have remote access to your home’s climate.

This way, your home will always be at the right temperature. This feature has actually been found to be cost effective too, since it allows you to modify the heat settings in your home based on your schedule and convenience.

Daikin Premium Air Cleaner

Daikin’s Premium Air Cleaner, which is compatible with the top and mid tier models, is nothing but a unique furnace filter.

The difference is, unlike other filters, it can remove up to 85% of the bacteria, allergens and other contaminants, helping keep the air inside your home clean and fresh.

Other Features

In addition to all these, you’ll also be able to tackle any heat exchanger fails or disruptions in your system through its ComfortNet compatibility. The ECM blower motor help keep things quieter and use up to 40% less electricity, which means more savings.

Daikin also uses high quality materials in its most premium furnace and air conditioner models- like its stainless steel heat exchangers.

Daikin Furnace Prices Uncovered

Compared to Daikin’s other HVAC systems, its heating equipment is priced slightly higher, and depending on the model you pick, the dimensions, the layout and many other factors, the total cost can go anywhere between $3500 – $6500 including installation.

While the cost of these products varies depending on the region or vendor, this is used as the baseline cost for Daikin units. Make sure you keep an eye on the Daikin website for discount offers which may help you to lower your upfront expenses.

Daikin’s Furnace Ranges

Daikin produces three kinds of furnaces- the economy range, the mid-range and the highest-end. For the lower and mid range furnaces, you can expect to pay around $4,300 and $5,100 respectively.

The top tier Daikin furnaces are obviously a tad bit expensive, and you can expect to pay over $6000 in total for the unit and its installation.

How Much Does it Cost to Install a Daikin Furnace?

To get an approximate on the total pricing, it is best to get in touch with an HVAC contractor or a Daikin dealer near you that can perform the inspection for you.

Peeking Into Daikin Furnace Warranties

When it comes to warranty, Daikin offers the best. All of Daikin furnace models come with lifetime heat exchanger warranty for all of their models, even those belonging to the lower tier.

With that, Daikin gas furnaces also come with a unit replacement limited warranty and a much longer parts warranty than most other HVAC system manufacturers out there.

If you need more protection, you can also consider acquiring a comprehensive warranty with. In addition, the company can offer a six-year replacement or 12-year replacement warranty on the components associated with the furnace.

Daikin Furnace Reviews + Prices

Awarded the Red Dot design awards and the IF design award, Daikin’ s heating systems have the best quality in their industry and can be found in several sizes and styles. And thanks to all these models and price points, choosing the right one for you and your house is easy.

That said, does Daikin really hit it out of the ballpark and stand out among all the other gas furnace brands out there? Let’s break it down again to help you make the decision.

What’s Good

Daikin has a broad choice of gas furnace models that compete against other manufacturers in the mid-market price range with higher-quality furnaces, possessing a strong presence within global HVAC industry. It also manufactures heat pumps, refrigeration units, air conditioners and other HVAC equipment.

The variable speed furnaces- even the ones with a single stage gas valve, come packed with advanced features that you’d expect to find in other high efficiency furnaces such as a silicon nitride ignition system. Daikin’s furnaces include several low NOx models making them a top-end choice among HVAC companies who are attempting to focus more on being green.

Almost all of Daikin furnaces come with secondary heat exchangers, and are backed by its reliable lifetime heat exchanger warranty as well. The presence of these heat exchangers in your gas furnace translates into reduced heat loss and more energy savings.

Being ENERGY STAR certified also speaks volumes about the energy efficiency of the performance. The smart thermostat and the premium air cleaner feature are add-ons that are worthy of a special mention, which deliver efficient performance of the furnace.

What’s Not So Good

Daikin does lack some of these features especially when compared to competitors at the same price range that offer new technologies. It has communication technologies and patented thermostat, but there are no exclusive features.

While Daikin does have a lot to offer, it isn’t one of the best furnace brands out there.

To Buy or Not to Buy?

Daikin customers can benefit from lower energy usage and a comprehensive warranty. With a majority of its models certified by ENERGY STAR, Daikin also wins in terms of energy efficiency.

Almost all gas furnace models that Daikin makes offer the perfect balance between high efficiency and quality, while still fitting perfectly into the mid-range market.

All in all, Daikin furnaces are a great choice for anyone’s who’s looking for a reliable heating system for their home.

If you’re still looking for help with your furnace purchase, don’t forget to check out our detailed buying guides and other furnace brand reviews to arrive at a decision that works best for you.

Table of Contents

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