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Trane Furnace Reviews + Pricing Uncovered

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Trane Furnace Reviews Trane Gas System

Trane Furnace Reviews & Pricing Details

With all the different brands and models out there, picking the right heating system to meet your home’s needs can be a bit tricky. If Trane furnaces have been on your radar, here’s helping you take the leap and pick the right model.

We’ve outlined everything you need to know about Trane’s different models, their pricing structure, their warranty, their reliability and how they fare against other popular brands in the market, right here!

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Table of Contents

Trane Furnaces: An Overview

Trane is one of the leading providers of innovative HVAC systems. The HVAC manufacturer was awarded the top-ranked HVAC brand in America in 2015. Trane’s products have also been patented by many experts.

They are known to develop some of the best air conditioning units, gas furnace units and heat pumps. Their two stage air conditioners in specific, are extremely popular and highly acclaimed.

Typical Trane gas furnaces have high durability, reliability and customer satisfaction. These furnaces can be a bit of an investment, but most home owners love and rely on these heating systems.

Trane is also one of the most popular brands in the Canadian market.

Are Trane Furnaces Good Quality?

Trane’s products are widely recognized by professionals for high reliability and quality HVAC systems. They can be a bit expensive as compared to other air conditioning, heating pump and boiler units available in the market, but are known for their energy efficiency.

Checking Out the Best Trane Furnace Models

Packed with different features and hitting different price ranges, Trane furnaces have something to offer to any and all customers. Let’s take a closer look at some of their most popular furnace models.

Trane S9X2

Trane S9X2’s two stage heating allows for better control of an optimal temperature. It offers an alternative to the usual one-phase furnace, which looks noisy.

This model also packs in a constant torque blower motor, which coupled with the secondary heat exchanger ensures reliable, efficient and quiet heating comfort in your home.

Trane’s S9X2 is the ideal solution for homeowners who want to experience the reliability and efficiency of Trane’s top of the line units without having to shell out a lot.

Trane XC95M

Boasting AFUE rating of up to 97.3%, Trane C95M furnaces have quite a reputation. This premium model packs in some of the most sophisticated technologies including a modulated gas valve and a Variospeed Vortica II blowing unit.

This helps deliver consistent and reliable warmth during the winter while helping you save energy costs. Installing this system also ensures that you’ll experience fewer temperature spikes.

Similar to other Trane furnaces, this XC95M is designed to provide a reliable and efficient furnace that works quietly and efficiently. The device packs in some excellent features such as a condensing system, fuel saving silicon nitride igniter, an insulated cabinet, and compatibility to a wide variety of HVAC products and equipment.

That’s not all. This unit is also ENERGY STAR certified, and can qualify for most rebates.

Trane L9X1

The L9X1 model represents Trane’s attempt at dabble at low NOx emission technologies and single stage furnaces. It features a single-step burner in combination with an innovative blower motor that lowers the amount of ozone by 65 percent.

The L9X1 is built on many of the design elements that make it an excellent choice for smaller homes- everything from its condensing operation, the insulating cabinets that reduce noise and air leakage, the ECM blower motor and durable primary heating exchangers with high efficiency.

Trane S9B1

The S9B1 is probably the most basic and best priced Trane gas furnace unit. This heating model that features single stage gas valves has AFUE of 92.1 per cent, and while it can be considered high-efficiency, recent legislation increased efficiency requirements for heating equipment to 95 percent.

Considering the fact that this model also does not meet government efficiency standards, it is about to be discontinued.

Trane S9V2-VS

This mid-range model is nearly as advanced as some of the most premium Trane furnaces. The S9V2-VS is a high efficiency furnace that flaunts an advanced two stage burner offering cost and energy savings of up to 97%.

Another key feature is that this model is integrated with Trane’s patented Vortica II blower and Comfort-R technology that improves efficiency and humidity control.

Trane S9V2

Packed with features including two stage heating operation, ENERGY STAR certification and the famous Vortica II blower, Trane’s S9V2 model is energy efficient.

These models have great temperature and come with secondary heat exchangers to ensure improved efficiency ratings and better humidity control.

Plus, its compact design ensures that it fits practically every home and is still durable thanks to heavy-gauge construction and the powder coated finish.

Top Features of Trane Gas Furnaces

Trane is a name that stands out among HVAC manufacturers, and that’s simply because they pack in a lot of features in most of their HVAC equipment, justifying their price tag.

Let’s take a closer look at some of these features.

ComfortLink II Communicating Technology

Higher end Trane gas furnace models are equipped with ComfortLink, which is a communication technology that links key heating systems parts to each other.

Think of it as an electronic communication device that links the key elements inside the furnace to the thermostat, which in turn performs advanced diagnostics and sends the information whenever needed.

ComfortLink detects the temperature inside your home, makes adjustments to the blower motor speed and gas valves automatically based on the information to perfect the heat output and airflow.

Vortica II Blower

Vortica II is a patented blower by Trane, that is focused on improving the furnace’s efficiency during both winter and summer months. This innovative blowing device comes with a variable speed draft inducer that not only makes adjustments to airflow but also makes it quieter and better at managing humidity, impacting the furnace efficiency in more ways than one.

That’s not all- the most important feature with the Vortica II blower is the fact that it uses less electricity in both modes- heating and cooling.


Trane describes this feature as improved efficiency and improved moisture control throughout the house during the summer months. ComfortR is a built-in component of the Vortica II blower.

What this system does is that it allows the blower motor to change speeds whenever needed, but do it gradually. This not only allows the blower to be quiet and efficient, but also less worn out and in turn, requiring less maintenance.

This feature can be particularly helpful in the warmer months of the year, where the blower can work along with your air conditioner to improve dehumidification.


CleanEffects is a revolutionary new feature introduced by Trance gas furnaces that promise improved indoor air quality by reducing and eliminating pollen, dust particles and other contaminants in the air.

The system makes use of an electrostatic filter that removes contaminants in the air without inhibiting fresh air circulation. It can remove as little as 0.5 micron of particles from contaminated air, including dust mites.

What’s best is the fact that this filter can be cleaned and reused, which means it won’t need to be replaced again and again.

High Performance Rate

Trane has a high performance furnace with an 80% performance rate. If you’re looking for heating and cooling systems for your home, Trane’s models can be an excellent choice.

Trane Furnace Prices

In contrast to the majority of HVAC equipment manufacturers, Trane clearly reveals its prices online. Nonetheless, these prices are just indicative of how much the unit can cost after taking into account the installation charges.

There is quite a bit of difference between the total costs for an entry level HVAC system and that of a higher priced model.

Lower end models can cost up to $4,500 including the installation fee, while mid range models can hit $5,800 in installation costs.

To install a premium HVAC system by Trane, you can expect to shell out up to $7,000.

Installation Costs

The installation costs for a Trane gas furnace unit can depend on a number of factors. The best way to get an estimate on the cost is to get in touch with a good HVAC contractor.

All you need to do is look for HVAC contractors near you, and you should find some of the top reliable options to pick from.

Trane Furnace Warranty

Trane systems usually have a 10-year limited warranty which is only applicable for specific parts. Several high end models of the range also come with a 12-year warranty.

Besides the standard warranty, you can also opt for their optional extended warranty which is available in 5, 10 or 12-year increments which includes parts and labor.

Trane has a strict policy for the protection of warranties that is enforced. You can get warranty coverage on any Trane products by registering an item within 30 days from the purchase of the item. This warranty is limited to five years.

As compared to other brands in the industry, Trane warranties don’t really match up to the standard.

Trane Furnaces vs Competitors

Consumers looking to invest in a gas furnace that balances simplicity, stability and fewer maintenance costs can easily turn to Trane and its different furnace models.

Featuring many different gas furnace units packing in different systems and features, Trane offers a plethora of choices for the end consumer. A lot of its units also boast of being ENERGY STAR certified- but is that really enough?

Let’s check out how these gas furnace models fare against its different competitors.

Trane vs Goodman

Both Goodman and Trane have dominated the furnace industry for years and remain among the most popular options for homeowners in America.

When it comes to energy efficiency in specific, Trane has a few reliable models that come with ENERGY STAR certification in their current system.

All these factors affect the pricing, which is why, Trane’s furnace models come at a significantly higher price tag than Goodman’s gas furnace models. You’ll also need to keep in mind that to properly install these units, you’ll need to invest in a reliable HVAC contractor, which can be an added cost, which makes them quite an investment.

Trane vs American Standard

Trane and American Standard are almost exactly the same- whether you’re looking for a reliable air conditioner, heat pump or a furnace. This is because both these furnace brands are assembled by the same worker on the same line and there are differences in color and badging.

They essentially belong to the same parent company that develops high quality furnace models. However, Trane offers a lot more choices and features in its heating and cooling system and furnace models.

Both American Standard and Trane come with identical warranties and very similar prices tags.

Trane Gas Furnace Review

If you’ve made it this far, and are still a bit on the edge if Trane has the gas furnace you’re looking for your home, well, let’s break it all down one last time to make it easier for you.

The Pros

Trane has developed heating and cooling technologies that increase comfort at the same time reducing heating bills and utility costs. Their products are acclaimed for reliability, quality and performance.

Almost all Trane furnaces are ENERGY STAR certified and when installed properly, have a high annual fuel utilization efficiency.

Trane also offers good quality furnace options at a broad spectrum of AFUE models, some of them also packing in modulating dampers, variable speed blowers and smart thermostats – all of which help improve efficiency of function and even reduce carbon monoxide emissions.

Some of their models also come with unique technologies like self diagnostics, insulated cabinets, programmable thermostats and secondary heat exchangers.

The Cons

As opposed to other popular new furnace brand in the market, Trane doesn’t have a lot of affordable models to choose from. The warranty they offer on even some of their top models aren’t as great as compared to many others in its league.

Trane is one of the first HVAC manufacturers to incorporate communication technology into heating systems. However, they don’t go beyond that and experiment with newer technologies in their furnace models.

Issues With Trane Furnaces

Even good products are likely to encounter some challenges, and that’s exactly the case with Trane’s S Series. Although these furnaces are an attractive option for people with space constraints, the new model suffers from more static pressures as well.

To provide reliable heat, your HVAC system must exert a little pressure for enhanced performance. There is a need for a low pressure heating system in some of these furnaces to ensure proper heating and cooling.

To Buy or Not to Buy

Most Trane furnaces require significant investment. You can find several affordable furnace brands and models that come at a much lower price point, and still offer reliable heating and cooling output.

Trane warranties and efficiency ratings also need a special mention- you can certainly come across models that fare way better in both these aspects.

However, for those looking for brand experience and reputation when it comes to purchasing a new furnace, Trane truly offers peace of mind and a plethora of quality products to choose from.

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