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What Are Chillers?

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A chiller in HVAC is a mechanical device used to remove heat from a liquid (usually water or a water-glycol mixture) by means of vapor compression or absorption refrigeration cycles.

Chillers are commonly used in large commercial and industrial buildings to provide cooling for air conditioning systems, process cooling, and various applications that require lower temperatures.

The chilled water produced by a chiller is then circulated through a network of pipes to cool air or equipment, effectively transferring heat from the indoor environment to the chiller system.

People Also Ask About Chillers

How does a chiller work?

A chiller works by circulating chilled water through a system that absorbs heat from the surrounding environment. The chiller then removes the heat from the chilled water, typically using a compressor, and releases it to the outside air or a cooling tower.

What types of chillers are there?

There are two main types of chillers: vapor compression chillers and absorption chillers. Vapor compression chillers use a mechanical compressor to circulate refrigerant, while absorption chillers use heat energy to drive the refrigeration cycle, often using a lithium bromide-water solution.

What factors should be considered when selecting a chiller?

When selecting a chiller, factors such as cooling capacity, energy efficiency, maintenance requirements, available space, and the specific cooling needs of the application should be considered to ensure the chiller is appropriately sized and suited to the intended use.

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