Rheem 50 Gallon Electric Medium 8 Year Water Heater


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The Rheem Professional Classic Plus 50 Gal. Medium 8-Year Electric Water Heater with LED Indicator provides ample amount of hot water for households with 3 to 5 people. It provides more hot water and includes a self-cleaning feature for added convenience. Plus, it’s perfect for replacement of an existing water heater and takes up less space than competing models.

  • Electric junction box located above heating elements for easy installation
  • Exclusive diagnostic system with glowing LEDs that verify heating element operation; LEDs pin point the exact location of functioning or non-functioning elements
  • 8-year limited tank and parts warranty
  • With ProtectionPlus the 8-year limited tank warranty becomes 12-year
  • Compliant with many electric utility incentive programs
  • Premium grade anode rod provides long-lasting tank protection
  • Over-temperature protector cuts off power in excess temperature situations
  • Automatic thermostat keeps water at desired temperature
  • Temperature and pressure relief valve included
  • Isolated tank design reduces conductive heat loss


                          Width- 23.00″

                          Height- 50.50″

                          Weight- 132 lbs.

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