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What temperature should a water heater be set at?

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What temperature should a water heater be set at

What temperature should a water heater be set at?

The standard temperature for most water heaters is 140 degrees F, but the Department of Energy recommends turning down the temperature to 120 degrees to save energy. Any setting below 120 degrees increases bacteria growth inside the tank.

Consider the variables that affect what temperature you should set your water heater to: Your dishwasher, your health, the number of people in your home, and whether you have children or older adults living with you. If your dishwasher doesn’t have a booster heater, you may want to keep it at 140 degrees for optimum cleaning. If you live alone, it’s unlikely you’ll ever run out of hot water when you keep the tank at 120 degrees. However, if six family members shower back-to-back each morning, the extra 20 degrees helps ensure hot water for everyone.

The DOE recommends keeping the thermostat at the lowest setting unless you’re going out of town, in which case the lowest is the recommended setting. The best temperature is safe for most people, but consider keeping yours at 140 if you have a suppressed immune system.

Measure and adjust the setting of your water heater’s thermostat. Low-flow showerheads and faucets can consume less hot water. install a tankless water heater that heats water on demand to eliminate the need for storage and the resulting standby heat loss. Make these home improvements to decrease your water bills.

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