How to tell if furnace ignitor is bad?

How to tell if furnace ignitor is bad?

Your furnace won’t be blowing hot air without the ignitor working correctly. There may be a number of problems with a furnace which does not operate. With preventative maintenance, most furnaces can be fixed. Without replacing the entire furnace, you can replace the furnace ignitor. 

The culprit may be a defective ignitor if your furnace keeps activating the breaker shortly after it starts blowing air. For your furnace and the electrical system of your house, repeatedly triggering breakers is evil. Unplug the wall furnace. When you work on it, make sure no gas flows into the furnace. If you touch it, a hot furnace will burn you.

A defective furnace ignitor also causes short-cycling. Instead of a pilot light, newer furnaces light with electronic ignition. In favor of safety, ignitors have replaced the old pilot lights. The ignitor should glow when the furnace kicks on.

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