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What causes rust in toilet bowl?

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What causes rust in Toilet Bowls

What causes rust in toilet bowl?

Red-brown rust stains result from the presence of iron in water making itself at home in your toilet bowl, tub, and sinks. Bleach will actually chemically-charge and super-power rust stains, making the problem even worse. Spray-on a mixture of 1-part vinegar to 1- part water and scrub with a toilet brush.

Have any Barkeeper’s Friend stashed in your cupboard? This tried-and-true cleaner is great at removing rust stains. Use this cleaner to get rid of rust stains on your sink’s toilet bowl. You should also open a window for ventilation and remove the water from your toilet Bowl by turning off the valve and flushing, to make cleaning easier.

Cleaning your bathroom once a week will keep surfaces smooth, preventing the buildup of iron and other deposits from taking hold. Add an Iron Filter or Water Softener. Upgrade your pipes to prevent rust stains in older homes with iron pipes, until the old pipes are upgraded. Some softener salts are even specifically formulated to fight rust.

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