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What is a dry flush toilet?

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What is a dry flush toilet

What is a dry flush toilet?

A Dry Flush toilet comes with special liner bags that fit inside its bowl. The seal is airtight, no leaking occurs and there are no odors. The toilet weighs just about 26lbs, so it really is portable. Chemical toilets require you to use special toilet paper, but you can use any TP you want with a Dry Flushing toilet. It might be better to use a composting toilet instead and not worry about burying bags of crap in your yard.

“Dry flush” is the brand which makes a toilet called the Laveo (trademark). Uses no water and Requires no chemicals. At about $450-$600, the Dry Flush toilet is cheaper than many composting toilets and chemical portable toilets. You have to buy refill cartridges for the liner bags. The battery can be charged in a typical 120v outlet or with solar. It is especially good for RV owners who travel off the beaten track and might not have a place to empty out their chemical toilet. The biggest downside to the dry toilet is that the liner refills are expensive in the long run. It might push out the pee as it seals the bag, so you might want to follow the “If it’s yellow, let it mellow” rule or toss in some paper to absorb the liquid. It does seem like a good alternative to the chemical toilets which are normally used in RVs.

Toilet chemicals cost about $1 per week of toilet use. Dry Flush refill bags cost about$1 per use. Best option for off-grid homes is a urine-diverting composting toilet. If it is yellow, let it mellow” so you don’t have to “flush” each time you use the Dry Flushing toilet. Otherwise, look into other options for an emergency toilet for RVs or cabins. The Bottom Line? The Dry Fl flush toilet is a good choice for emergency toilet or RVs – but only if you can afford paying for those refill cartridges.

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