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What is a duel flush toilet?

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What is a dual flush toilet

What is a duel flush toilet?

A dual flush toilet works by incorporating a flushing mechanism that regulates the water used in order to flush either solid or liquid waste. Normal toilets can’t adjust to the type of waste being flushed, meaning they often use more water than necessary. Liquid waste needs much less help to exit the toilet bowl, meaning a liquid flush will use much less water. Because flushing liquid waste is the most common job for the toilet, a more water efficient flush can lead to many hundreds or even thousands of gallons saved in a year.

Many homeowners find dual flush toilets can take some getting used to. Reduced water flow means they tend to get dirtier faster and require frequent cleanings. But for homeowners seeking a greener approach, installing a dual flush toilet is an easy way to conserve water.

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