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What causes a water heater to leak?

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What causes a water heater to leak

What causes a water heater to leak?

Water heater leaks occur for a multitude of reasons. Leaks stress homeowners because they sometimes indicate a replacement is necessary. In every circumstance, it’s best for homeowners to contact a plumber to properly diagnose the issue. Faulty temperature and pressure relief valve: Issues with the T&P valve result in higher water pressure. If a leak occurs on the inner shell because of age or deterioration, it isn’t plainly visible on the outside. It’s best to lower the pressure in the tank before replacements of the T &P valve take place.

Water heater leaks occur in specific places depending on the cause of the problem. Sediment collection is a common cause of leaks in old water heaters. If the tank has a crack, the water heater requires a replacement. Inlet and outlet connections loosen over time, which can cause leaks in the tank and water to leak out of the heater. The bottom of the tank can also cause leaks if the drain valve or the tank itself is the cause, but this is usually a simple fix.

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