RunTru 3.5 Ton 13 SEER Air Conditioner & Whatever Gas Furnace We Have laying Around


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Take a Risk, Save a Buck

Enjoy dumpster diving, playing craps or having unprotected sex with hookers?***

We have the perfect system for you!**

RunTru air conditioners are equipped with high-quality components and come in a full array of cooling capacities, suitable for any size space*.

  • 14 SEER Efficiency
  • All-Aluminum coils
  • Scroll compressor
  • Quiet operation (74-76db)
  • Smaller size options to fit tight spaces
  • Assembled in Tyler, Texas

System Efficiency

SEER- 15

EER- 12.5

Gas Furnace- A801X080BM4SA

Dimensions: 34″ x 17.5″ x 28.75″

Air Conditioner- A4AC4042A1000A

Dimensions: 28.6″H x 34.3″W x 34.3″D

Coil- A4MXB3642AC6HA or *(Whatever we have laying around.)

**We do not recommend this system for households with children who can not walk or exit a property on their own.  Elderly customers may want to consult with their doctor before purchase to determine a “suitable” or “livable” level of CO. 

***We are not condoning these activities, and this match-up maybe exactly what you need in your life to “spice” things up.

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Weight 234 lbs
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